Sunday, April 9, 2017

My Baby Turns Four

What the what?  How did it happen that my baby, MY BABY, turns four today.  It cannot be true. 
Alas - it's true.  Out sweet Hadley Mae is growing up on us.  She may still suck the heck out her lovie-as only babies and little kids will do- but she is growing up before our eyes.  

Let's see.... an update on all things Hadley: 

Sleeping:  you go to bed very easy - most nights.  Typically you take a bath or shower, watch a quick show, give everyone kisses, read a few books, go pee, turns lights out, sing ABC's and count to 20.  Then you get in bed and I lie down with you for a minute.   99 times out of 100 you stay in bed and go right to sleep.  If you have taken a late nap (fallen asleep on the coach or car) you will come out of your room.   You pretty much stay in your bed most nights and sleep until an average of 7:00 a.m.   A few times a month you come into our room in the middle of the night, with all of your blankies, stuffed animals and lovie dangling from your mouth, and crawl into bed with us.   

Eating: you are still a TERRIBLE eater.  The worst.  You eat no meat at all unless it's processed meat or chicken nuggets/fingers.  Seriously- that's it.  You do not like to eat breakfast and would rather drink a cup of milk in lieu of food every morning.   I can occasionally get some pancakes, yogurt, dry Cheerios, bacon, etc... down you for breakfast.   Other things you like: rice/beans, cucumbers, carrots, fruit snacks, salad, cheese, pasta (spaghetti only), ice, water, etc....  Your fave restaurants are Chick-fil-A, Chipotle, La Unica.  

Hobbies:  you've been loving your Soccer Shots class once a week.  You typically barrel over everyone and it's fun to watch.  I can't wait to get you into lacrosse when you go to kindergarten.  I think you'll love it.   You also really enjoy your gymnastics class every Monday.  At home you have been super into coloring, writing and painting.  You paint a picture or two every single day.  You have a lot of patience and a decent amount of creativity for a almost four year old.    You love to play school with Riley and have gotten into Jack's old Matchbox cars and Thomas the Trains as well.  

For the most part you are a complete joy.  You adore Riley and Jack and miss your Daddy when he's at work all day.  You love when Paa Paa and Gammy/Poppy come to visit.  You're obsessed with Mrs. Cassell and love going to school four AM's a week.  

Today, your 4th birthday, we are flying down to the Dominican Republic for five days for vacation with everyone.  

Love you so much sweet girl!   Happy 4th birthday!  

(In no particular order- simply because I am too lazy to place them in chronological order, here's some pics over the years of my Hizzy.)

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