Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One Year

Dear Hadley Mae, 

My sweet, sweet girl. 
One year ago, three hundred-sixty-five days ago, you came into our lives.  
And what a year it's been. 
I cannot imagine our lives without you.  You fill us all with joy, with smiles, with laughter, with pure happiness.  
We love you so very, very much Hadley!  
Your brother and sister are enamored with you and you make them smile.  
You light up when they get home or when they come into your room in the mornings.  
You have completed our family in a way we never imagined possible. 
I thank God for you every day and am so grateful we were blessed with you. 

It's hard to believe that you've been in our lives for a year.  You have changed so much!  
Let's see what you're up to now these days…..

You are ALMOST walking.  
For about 6-7 weeks now I thought you were days away from walking.  
Well my dear- you have other plans.   You will walk 2-3 steps and then crash.  It's almost like a game for you and it's quite hilarious. 
We sit in the playroom by the couch and chair and you stand up and I say "walk to mommy" and you'll take a step or two and then literally fall face first into my lap.  
I'm hoping very, very soon you'll be walking.  

You are into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  There is nothing that is off limits for you.  
You're brave and curious and not afraid of anything (but the vacuum). 
Needless to say we have to watch you like a hawk.  
You love to open drawers and cabinets and empty the contents.   We had to put safety thingies on a few cabinets and it makes you very upset!  
We have gates on the stairs but you like to try to climb on the SIDE of the stairs.  I've found you on the 2nd step a few times.   This is seriously a disaster waiting to happen because the stairs are hardwood and the corners are sharp.  I may have to buy those things for the corners of ledges just so you don't poke an eye out. 

The refrigerator door is another trigger for you.  I swear you can see from across the room when we open it and you come crawling at full speed to get in there.  If I get it shut quick enough you freak out!  
I giggle at your reactions quite a bit.  

You love to play with puzzles.  I can tell that you realize that the pieces 'belong somewhere' but you don't know how to get them back into place.   You enjoy looking at books, especially the one with the ladybugs.  We play babies together every day.   You will imitate me hugging them and feeding them.  It's sweet to see you gentle with your babies.  

Your BIGGEST obsession these days is your bottle.  I have no clue how I'm going to get that thing away from you but you love, love, love your bottle.  I am filling it with half formula and half whole milk these days and you'll drink it but you will not drink that combo out of a sippy cup.   You'll drain a cup filled with water, just not milk.   
In fact- I have been giving you cups of milk with your breakfast and you'll take a sip or two, throw it on the floor and crawl over to the counter where I keep your bottles and cry for one.  
Seriously pitiful!   
I think I may have to go cold-turkey on you after we travel next week for spring break.  
Maybe if you start walking then I won't have such a hard time yanking your bottles away - then you won't seem like a 'baby' anymore.  

You have another obsession that cracks me up.  You love to have things in BOTH of your hands.  You play with shoes but you have to always have one in each hand.   You will put two books in your hands and go in and out of your big 'house' toy that has a door.  You love to suck on two washcloths in the bathtub.  
It's all about both hands.  Cracks me up.  

 I've joked with people that you go through life in 'beast mode' all the time.   There's nothing in your way.  You'll stand next to the couch, yank all the pillows and blankets off that you can reach and throw yourself on top of them over and over.  
You will bang your head against something on purpose if you're mad.  
You throw toys around like it's nothing.
You figure things out - all the time.    
It's just the way you are - there's nothing dainty about you.  
You're a big girl- fitting into size 2T sometimes already.  
It's going to be interesting to see how you grow and change.

(Crossing fingers here….)
You have finally figured out the sleeping thing.  
You sleep all night now and if you do wake it's normally to talk and play for 30 minutes or so and then you'll fall back to sleep.  
You nap twice a day still.  The times vary but on average each nap is about 1 1/2 hours- the first one around 8:30 and the second one around 1:15-1:30.

You are a very happy little girl.  I can't imagine why not- you're so loved by everyone around you!
Seriously though- you smile ALL the time.  
You do not know a stranger.  In fact- my neighbor walked in the other day and scooped you up and you gave her the sweetest hug.  
I hope your happy demeanor continues! 

Probably the toughest thing about you these days is changing your diaper and your clothes. 
It's an absolute nightmare to do both of them.
You get very unhappy.  You yell and holler like we're trying to hold you hostage.  
You try to roll over or grab your stinky diaper or just plain old get away from me.  It's insane. 
I just have to giggle during those moments because otherwise I'd go crazy! 

Who couldn't love that sweet face?

You love to eat and you'll eat just about anything we put in front of you.  
We recently starting making scrambled eggs for you and you love them. 
You don't eat a ton for breakfast but lunch and dinner are big meals  - with two small snacks in between.  

A look back at how you've changed. 

Well  my dear…  that's it for now.  
I'll forever and ever be grateful for you.  
You complete our family and we love you so, so much. 

Happy First Birthday!!

Until next time….

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