Sunday, April 6, 2014

Baseball and Soccer

What a weekend. 
Jack played in his fourth tournament of the spring season and Riley played in her fourth soccer game this spring. 
Once I found out that I could make both baseball games and Ri's soccer game on Saturday I called Paa Paa.  I thought maybe she'd want to spend the day with her little Boom Boom.  And yes- she did!
So - I met her half way before the craziness of the day started and again half way once it ended.  
Turns out the two of them had a great day together.  

And I enjoyed watching the kids games without chasing a crawling little girl around!  

We all left the house around 7:00 on Saturday (Ri heading to Addy's Walk for the Cure Diabetes Walk, the boys to baseball and me to meet Paa Paa).   I didn't return until 6:00 (except to grab Ri real quick for her game).   
As soon as I returned the boys headed out to watch the Final Four with a few baseball friends and their Dad's.  
I made it to both games and Ri's soccer game.   Unfortunately Jack's team played like crap and lost both games but Ri's team won!  

We were back at it early this AM.   
Hadley and I made it to the first game and then came home.  She's a hot mess out there so it was all I could take.  
In between games Ri headed to play with a friend from baseball and Jack went off with a few players to hang out.   
They didn't get home until around 5:00!  
Loonngg weekend but so much fun!  

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