Monday, March 5, 2018

It's March Already

Well- how did that happen?
It's March already.... before we know it summer will be here and all three kids will be moving on to different schools!  Agh.

This spring is crazy ass busy- I actually had to print out paper calendar pages to keep me on top of things because we have so much going on.    Just this week we have three baseball games, two baseball practices, one 7 on 7 game, one soccer practice, one soccer game, two lacrosse games, three lacrosse practices, one lacrosse travel team practice... whew.  I am exhausted just thinking about it.  

Jack's last baseball season is officially underway.   Unfortunately he's not playing that much- which is a bummer but genetics don't help him much.  Smallest kid on the team so he's not starting.  As much as we are disappointed - we have to keep everything in perspective.  He's also playing 7 on 7 football again every Sunday (so that leaves no days off for Jack).  I'm afraid it's going to make him want to play high school football..... ugh!  But bright side is I am 100% certain he won't see the field EVER if he plays football next year so he would have a much less chance of getting hurt.  Of course I don't want him to play but if he does - go for it kid.   

School is going well for Jack- as usual.  Hard to imagine he'll be moving on to high school soon.  The 8th grade goes on an overnight field trip to the Outer Banks next month and i know they're looking forward to that.    

His major obsession these days is playing a game called Fortnite.  He bought himself an x-box right after Christmas and this games came with the x-box.  Apparently it's a nationwide obsession because ALL of his friends are obsessed and they all play online together.  At times I fuss at him to get off but I have to remember he's a straight A student, taking three high school classes, and plays sports 6-7 days a week so his downtime can be spent how he chooses.   It'll be interesting to see if he's still obsessed with it this summer.  

Riley is cranking along with lacrosse... she loves it so much and is really improving.  She played three 25 minute scrimmages this past weekend and I was impressed with her play.   Her official games start this Wednesday.  She is also gearing up for her summer travel team which will be so much fun.   

She starts a cheer clinic this Wednesday at the high school that she is looking forward to.  We'll see if she ends up trying out for cheer this fall or doing cross country- I don't think either one will be a life long passion or anything but I want her to branch out and try new things.  

Ri got a phone a few weeks ago and of course she's ecstatic.  We were planning on getting her one in May but it just worked out where we got her one a little early.  She makes most of her plans on her own these days and I just drive her around of have her friends over.... They're all sweet girls so I don't mind.   

Hadley is loving lacrosse and starts soccer TOMORROW night... Agh- And she asked me to sign her up for softball.   Umm- no!  Ha.  We have family night at her school tomorrow before practice and she's excited I am actually taking her!  

She is very ready for kindergarten and we've already been working on site words and 'reading.'  She can picture read books and 'read' books that we have memorized together.  She has been into coloring lately and her imaginative play is through the roof.  She cracks me up when she's in the tub- her Barbies have 'conversations' and 'get in trouble' etc.... She sure is funny.  

Here's some pics lately....

Ri went to UNC with her lacrosse friend Olivia last weekend.  They got to be ball girls for the UNC v/s Maryland lax game.  She had a blast and got to see some of the campus.   

Last weekend it was WARM.... Haddie actually got in the pool.  We had the hot tub heated so she warmed herself up in between swims.  I miss swimming and can't wait for warmer days to come so we can hang out back.  

"Kindness over Everything."   LOVE all of the cute graphic tees out there now with GIRL POWER on them!   

Yeah- a little meltdown when hadley noticed Riley catching and throwing a baseball better than her... Poor kid. 

Todd and I headed to the annual Master Chef Cystic Fibrosis Dinner this past weekend.   Always a fun time.  


Can you say Fortnite Party?  Yep- Jack was in heaven.... Fortnite for hours with all of his buds.  

My little lax girl.    Ri practices on the far side of the field so don't have any pics of her.   I'll get some this weekend though!

She asked for a pic with her best bud this AM. 

Warm spring weather- LAST weekend. 

Kitchen Update: 

Until next time....

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Wow- it's been almost a month since I've written.  
Guess the old blog is getting dusty.... sorry!   
It's not that I haven't wanted to blog- it's just that i haven't. 
Spring sports are kicking in so I'll bust out the old camera some more- which always means I blog more.  

We've been consumed by the kitchen remodeling.... our house is a hot mess and it's always dusty but it's getting there.  The worst is behind us (well sorta- not including having the entire house painted -minus the bedrooms- and the hardwoods restained over spring break) but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

We have floors, a ceiling and hardwoods AS OF TODAY!!! Woohoooo... Cabinet installation starts tomorrow or Thursday and then paint!  Then counters, backsplash, appliances, hardware and floors!  

Both girls are playing lacrosse this spring.  Riley is playing on a middle school rec team (then moves into her late spring/summer travel team) and Hadley is doing Sticks and Stones - it's a beginner lacrosse program that teaches the basics.  It's for girls in grades K-2 so once again she's the young one but she could care less.  She loved her first session so much this past Sunday and she cannot wait to go back again.  

Ri found an old pinnie for Hadley to wear and she was thrilled.  She even put an old sports bra of her sister's underneath it.  

Look at my girl go... running around like a wild woman. 

Spring baseball is here and here to stay- six days a week until mid-May.  Jack's on Varsity this spring and has stiff competition for playing time.  I sure hope he gets to play as it would be tough to sit the bench.  We'll see how it goes.  He put in the work over the winter that's for sure.  

Hadley swears she has lost a tooth- see?   

We did take the kids skiiing a few weeks ago- just a quick 24 hour trip this time.  of course they all loved it so much.  

We celebrated my 44th birthday with these fun friends... dinner out at a yummy Spanish restaurant with cake and belly laughs and cocktails late night at our friends house.  G

Whew- this one is wearing my ass out lately.  Such a fine line between growing up to be a big girl and pitching a fit because  I don't have mac-n-cheese.... UGH!  Love her to pieces though. 

Until next time....

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Snow Day

It's a snow day here in Charlotte. 
We woke up this AM to NO snow and the kids sure were disappointed but it soon started to snow- lots of it.  We have a couple of inches on the ground and it's still snowing.  The kids are back out with their friends for Round Two right now.  I am sure they'll be coming in soon for food.  

But first- big old kitchen project going on right now.   We went from this: 

To this in a matter of a week.  

It's a hot mess around here but 12 weeks of chaos is going to be worth it!   

This lady turns 70 next week!  WOOHOOOOO!   Happy almost birthday Paa Paa. 

Haddie went to a My Gym Party last week.  She loved it so much!  

She passed out on Todd's lap that night.  Sweet girl. 

Here's Haddie hoping it snows!

And finally- a SNOW DAY!

Until next time....

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Ahhh- December. 
Where did you go?  It's the 28th- three more days. 
Always, every single year, Thanksgiving comes and goes and then I feel like it's GAME ON.  Errands, Christmas cards, light seeing, shopping, wrapping, parties, kids activities, etc... I stress myself out for no reason because it ALWAYS gets done.  

And I was done this year by the 15th- the day the kids got our for Christmas break.   

Besides all of the Christmas fun Riley began winter training for her middle school lax team that's she's playing with this upcoming year, started her Polar Bear lacrosse games and Jack started his rec basketball team with a bunch of his buddies.  So much fun.   Poor hadley doesn't have an activity right now but she is really into 'playing' lacrosse as well.  She loves going outside with Riley and can manage a lacrosse stick like a boss.  We may have her do the clinics this spring (although technically she should be in kindergarten to do these) and she will also play soccer again.  

We spent the day down in Columbia last Monday with Paa Paa and then visiting with Pop Pop and headed down to the beach Wednesday the 20th for Christmas. 

This week we are back at it - getting the kitchen ready for a remodel starting in a week and a half or so - making final decisions (stove, microwave, sinks, faucets, cabinets, hood, paint, etccc!!).  So much to choose but oh so fun.   Our basement is slowly turning into a kitchen storage unit! 

Some pics and videos recently: 

Christmas card outtakes: 

Haddie excited about her homemade (at school) nativity scene). 

This is what you look like at 7:00 when you wake a the butt crack of dawn.... ugh!  The month of December sure has excited Hadley but she's been waking super early.  Today she snuck in our room, grabbed the ipad and got herself some milk (there was a full cup in the fridge) while we were still sleeping.  

Choices, choices, choices.... we are very excited for this kitchen redo.  Three months of crazy for a brand new kitchen double the size it currently is.   I'll take it!

Riley had her last Christmas party that I'll attend.... boo!   One last semester of elementary school for her!  She's more than ready for middle school- she'd go tomorrow if she could.   (Kids are obsessed with onsies).  

At the exact same time of Riley's class party was Hadley's last preschool performance.  Todd went to that one and videotaped her songs.  She's in the middle with a red candy cane shirt on. 

Again- zonked out.... cutie pie!

Rec hoops... boys are playing U18... yes that it's boys under the age of 18.   Crazy but they can't play U14 since most of them are already 14.   They lost their first game by 40 or so points but didn't care.  They had a blast and loved it.   

Add Hadley to the list of Milligan kids who like sushi.  I likely never heard of sushi until maybe college???  Who knows.  It's Jack's favorite food and he begs us to take him to eat sushi.   Kid better get a good job when he gets older to pay for his eating habits.  

Can't find the pics on my computer of the kids with Paa Paa!  Not sure why... :((((

Beach pics. 

That's it for now!  Cheers to 2017- looking forward to 2018!

Until next time....

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