Tuesday, August 21, 2018

End of Summer

One more week... hard to believe summer is almost over.    
Eye appointments, orthodontist, physical therapy, kindergarten/middle school/high school orientations and much more to pack in the next week and a half.  

It's a bittersweet feeling going back to school.... I am so ready for a routine and to get back to my Pilates classes, etc... but I haven't been out of bed before 7:00 most of the summer.   Needless to say we'll all be in for a shock Monday AM when the alarm goes off.  

The last few weeks have been filled with more fun- Jack spent some time alone with Gammy and Poppy and took a trip to Chicago with his Dad,  Riley went to an art workshop camp and the Great Wolfe Lodge and Hadley had her last dance camp of the summer.   

Riley has been practicing for Cross Country almost daily for about a month now.  She has her first meet tonight.  She would happily quit if Todd and I let her and there's no chance she'll do it next year but it's been good for her.   It's making her tougher and her cardio endurance is better than ever.  She's also been working one on one with a high school lax player this summer and has been enjoying that.   Her club team starts back up this Sunday with a few Sunday practices before moving to twice a week in October.   

Jack hasn't had any sports this month since baseball shuts down in August but he's had his PT exercises daily and goes back for what I hope is his last PT session tomorrow AM.   He's spent lots of time at this small lake in a neighborhood close by and his friends- they swim and hang out and do whatever else they do.   His life is about to turn upside down with early AM workouts, school, practice, games, etc... and I keeping my fingers crossed that he gets selected to be a buddy mentor in Take on Sports for football this fall.  It's an organization that pairs up special needs kids with able bodied kids to play adaptive sports.  Jack is excited about the opportunity.  

Hadley started t-ball/softball two weeks ago.  She's had two practices- the first one she threw up b/c she was overheated and the second one she cried at the end b/c she didn't want to run the bases.... UGH!   She wants to do it though so we'll keep trucking along.   

Some pics from the summer....

Jack's haul from fishing with his Poppy.   

Riley and Syd enjoy Anders Ruff Workshop Camp.  

Dance camp cutie-  regular dance class starts soon!

We took a quick 24 hour trip to the beach when we dropped Jack off.  

Carowinds with the girls- no pics of Riley because she was off riding scary roller coasters with her bestie! 

The boys had a great time in Chicago!  

Great Wolfe Lodge with these cuties.  

Back to school haircuts.  

We had our annual back to school lobster dinner this past Saturday.  Always a fun time.  

And of course lots of pool time.... so much pool time.  I'm kinda over pool time!  HAHA....

School starts Monday~!!!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Summer Days

We are quickly approaching the end of July and that means there are only four more weeks of summer (Hadley only goes one day the first week so she pretty much has five weeks of summer).  

The past few weeks we've had some busy days and some lazy days- trying to squeeze in some fun while we can.  

Riley spent five days at the beach with Gammy and Poppy - sounds like she had a great time. 

She's been running 4-5 days a week for cross country this fall- she's ran almost 50 miles this summer.  I'm super proud of her.  I think she loves it and hates it at the same time- if that's possible.   We're looking into getting her some lax training as well since her team doesn't start practice until this fall.  

Riley had a pool party with some good friends a couple weeks ago and is off to Carowinds today with her bestie.  

Hadley had summer camp last week at her preschool - she loved it.  She likes to be busy and I like when she's busy.  Too much down time for her means she's a beast.  We've certainly had some meltdowns from Miss Hadley.    

But- she's had a few playdates, gone swimming TONS, went to the movies with Paa Paa and Riley and painted lots of cool pics for me!  

She has her last camp of the summer next week (a dance camp) and is very excited about it.  We also signed her up for softball (essentially t-ball)... she wanted to try it this fall.  So no soccer this fall.  She's also taking a dance class on Wednesday afternoons- which she is over the moon about.  

Hadley entertaining herself at baseball... 

And of course we've spent lots of time at the baseball field this summer.  Jack's team has played two games every Tuesday night all summer and two games every Saturday.  This week Jack's team played Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night.... the lost last night so their tournament is over.   Jack was cleared to play infield early last week so he's played the last 7 games and it's been fun to watch him play.   Now he has some time off to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  

We've spent lots of time in the pool and plan on doing so to end the summer.   The boys head to Chicago August 11-13 to see the Cubs and have some guy time.  Riley wants me to take her to the Bahamas.  HA!  Maybe we can make it work one day.  

Oh yeah - Jack completed drivers ed yesterday.   I took this video a few weeks ago when we let Jack drive my car one night in the unfinished neighborhood across the street.  

Only pic I got of Jack this week.  He spent four hours a day the last three days driving (with an instructor and another student).  He said it went well and he's looking forward to getting his permit in September.  

Until next time....

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Coastal Trip

We took a little trip up the coast of SC the last week or so... 

but before we did that we took Riley out to Beef and Bottle for her annual birthday dinner celebration.   It's always super yummy.  

*Note that Hadley is wearing one of Riley's rompers.  It's too small for Ri but WAY too big for Haddie but she was determined to wear it.*

Our first stop was Charleston to stay with Mike and Sally and their cutie pie ladies- Kenley and Ava.  We loved it and the kids all had a blast- we even went out on the boat twice.   

I swear almost every single pic I have of Ri is her looking silly.... work with me RI!!

Mike parked the boat in the inlet on the beach with NO waves and the kids swam and jumped off the boat.  

Hadley LOVED not being the young one.   She was in heaven.  

Riley has the mom thing down already- she's gonna be a rock star momma one day.  Next summer it's babysitting time!  

Can't stand the cuteness!

After two nights with the DiPaolo's we headed up to Gammy and Poppy's for the Fourth- which is always fun at the beach.  For the first time I can recall we actually had rain on the 4th.  We huddled under two tents for an hour or so while it rained and was gross out (while we grilled burgers and dogs) and then the sun came out and it was a nice day.  

Hadley is officially a bike rider now.  No training wheels and we went for two - 2 mile rides- while riley ran.   

My beach buddy- she loves it so much. 


Fourth of July dinner- always so yummy.  

Fun times watching the fireworks show.  

Our last stop was North Myrtle Beach for Riley's last lax tourney of the season.  
Her team wasn't that successful but she played well and I'm super proud of her growth.  

We stayed at a super busy condo complex.  It wasn't our normal 'quiet beach experience' but we had fun.  We walked to beach, played in the swash, swam in the pools, chilled in the lazy river, drank cocktails and celebrated Todd's birthday with dinner at his favorite Italian restaurant.  

We hit up Painter's ice cream too- yum!

Where we stayed was right next to Briarcliffe Acres- Gammy and Poppy's old beach house and where we lived for three years.  One night we walked to the house from the beach.  It's run down and so sad... 

But the views in Briarcliffe are still stunning. 

All in all a great trip- the girls and I spent the last day hanging with lax peeps!  

And we can't forget haddie's YOUTUBE obsession.  She loves watching YouTube videos and decided to start filming them herself.  I literally have 10 - 12 of these on my phone.   Adorable  

Until next time...

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