Saturday, June 29, 2019


Thirteen.... thirteen?  How on Earth did that happen?   Hard to fathom my girl is a teenager.  

This past year has definitely been one of growth for you... a year of growing physically, academically, socially, athletically, maturity, etc...

For years and years I would write these blog posts celebrating Riley's birthday and write about how feisty and independent she is... well she is certainly still independent but the feistiness has calmed down for sure.  Whew!  Haha...

A letter to my girl.


Dear Riley, 

As you celebrate turning 13 today I want to celebrate YOU.  For many reasons.  I may not say them enough but I sure can write them.  

I am super proud of your growth this year.  For lots of reasons. 

First- you've turned into this mature young woman.  No longer a silly girl who plays with dolls and colors but a mature, serious thinking young woman.  You sit back and observe and take it in... more and more people comment to me now on how quiet you are.  That's not a way I have ever described you- but the older you get the more of an observer you become.   You have a seriousness about you at times that is pretty cool.  But- the best part is you can still play school with your sister and play along with her creative imagination.  

Second- you've grown academically.   School has been pretty easy for you- you finished the year with straight A's and didn't have to work too hard.  For the most part your work ethic and study habits were admirable this year.  Once in a while I had to push you a little but for the most part you are always responsible for your own work and studies.   We will definitely push you into higher level classes once you get into high school.  

Socially this has been a big year for you as well.  Middle school can be hard to navigate socially for many kids.  Luckily you have your brother and he's a good role model.  You've been blessed with a large group of friends and you stay pretty busy with them... they're all super sweet girls and I'm thankful you have a great friend base.  Boys have come into the picture this year and you're navigating that with maturity.  I am proud of you for staying away from major drama and being kind... the most important thing.  I promise if you live your life being kind to others- you'll live a fulfilled life. 

Athletically you've grown leaps and bounds this year.  Lacrosse has been your passion all year long and you played a big role on your middle school lacrosse team this past spring.  It's been fun to watch your passion grow.  You practice on your own constantly and work out with a trainer at times to help you get stronger and faster.  You dabbled in cross country last fall and you're trying out for school volleyball later this summer.  

Overall- it's been a great year for you and I hope you continue to grow and know you are loved.

Happy 13th!


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Spring Break and more....

It's June and I have yet to blog about spring break or anything else... oops!  Story of my life. 
We spent the last week of April in Amelia Island- a first for our family   We really enjoyed the downtime since the kids spring sports schedule had us running wild for a few months.  Lots of beach time, fishing, eating yummy foods, reading, golf cart rides, etc.... 

My girl loved the beach- thank goodness.  
And she was tired quite a bit too! 

Each and every day the kids got smoothies- may have been the highlight of Hadley's day. :)-

Lots and lots of lax on the beach. 

The boys went fishing with their friends, Matthew and Michael- and caught some yummy fish! 

So this was the first time ever that we used a dog kennel- we have a wonderful local place that came highly recommended.   Each day they would post tons and tons of pics on FB of the dogs so we would sift through them and take screenshots.  They had a blast.  

Riley middle school lacrosse team won their county championship and finished the season 17-3.   She really enjoyed the season and learned a lot- unfortunately her coach won't be there next year so we are all hoping someone steps up and takes the job.   

Summer lax started a few weeks ago and her first tourney was last weekend  The girls went 4-1 and lost in the championship game to a really tough team that they beat the day before.  She heads to team camp this weekend and then heads to Delaware, a Chapel Hill camp and a tourney in Philly.  Busy month ahead for her.  

School ended today and she made all A's this year.  She has a strong work ethic and almost always stayed on top of things and studied on her own.  I hope she continues the hard work in 7th grade. 

(Haddie tag alongs... always.)

Ri hosted over 20 kids last weekend for an early birthday party... they were all super sweet and had a great time.   She's lucky to have a great group of friends.  

Jack's school year ended yesterday- straight A's as well for him too.  All honors classes (in everything he could take) so he should finish with a 4.25 GPA this year.  Seemed to be an easy year for him academically so expecting him to have a harder workload next year.  

School baseball finished before spring break and JV baseball season was fine- nothing special.  No one cares much about JV sports in high school!  Seriously.   

Summer baseball started a few weeks back and he also had his first tournament this past weekend.  His team is TERRIBLE!  Like- awful.  Agh.  Not going to be fun to watch them this summer but that's what we do as parents.  :)- 

On Sunday's this spring Jack was paired with a buddy for Take on Sports baseball.  His sweet little buddy wanted nothing to do with baseball so Jack spent the hour chasing him around the field.  Sweet boy! 

Hadley is at school today!  Woohoo- she's super excited to be a big first grader!   Her dance recital is next weekend and she's super excited about it.  Yesterday they had awards in her dance class.  Although she enjoys it- there's many times she doesn't want to go to class so we aren't planning on signing up for next year.  If she begs for it then we'll chat about it- but I'm planning on sticking with soccer and lacrosse.   

Maybe a future Gamecock? 

Haddie and her cutie pie friend Ruby - thankful for their sweet friendship.  

Not too happy with her big brother... HAHA. 

Lots of pool time already this year. 

Bowling for Mother's Day- Hadley's idea!  Not mine- but we did have a good time.  

Hadley's classmates all had the opportunity to read a book aloud to the class- Hadley went first and ready The Very Impatient Caterpillar.  She did great!  So so proud of her.  

Ruby, Hadley, Christian, Brennan and Sebastian at a birthday party.  

Special time with my girl. 

Field Day! 

Hadley begged for her Daddy to make her a dance bar - so he did!  She loves it. 

Umm- wiped out. 

She came home with lots of writing that did throughout the year- lots and lots!  Including this gem: 

Super secret special surprise day!   Class Luau. 

Ms. Danson with her girls!  Six school years apart.  

All caught up!
Until next time....

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