Monday, May 7, 2018


Here we are pushing the middle of May already.  Last I checked we were on spring break and now we are shopping for graduation dresses, ordering graduation shoes for Jack and realized Hadley has 2 1/2 more weeks of preschool left.  Crazy. 

The last few weeks have been slam packed.   Jack's baseball team starts their season ending tournament this week so that still means practice every single day.  His 7 on 7 football team played in a season ending tournament yesterday and WON the championship again this year.  So fun.  

Riley's rec middle school lacrosse team finished up last weekend.  And her summer travel lax team practiced yesterday and she starts up with two nights a week practice with that team next week.   The next two months will be super busy for her but she's loving it.  Her AC Club coach has her practicing at middie but wants her to play attack during the games so Ri is super excited about that.  

Hadley has one more soccer practice tomorrow night and her last game is this coming Saturday.  She has loved playing again this spring but has mentioned playing t-ball in the fall?  We shall see.  May as well try it all while she's young.  She's also doing a dance camp this summer, along with two camps at preschool, so she has a few fun weeks to look forward to this summer.  

The coming weeks are busy, busy, busy - we will be ready for summer break for sure.  

Baseball pics- Jack got to play 2nd base for a whole game last week... he did great.  Wish he was there more often but has enjoyed the outfield as well. 

7 on 7 tourney yesterday. 

We've heated the pool up a few times last the couple of weeks.   Ri had some of her ladies over one day while jack was away on a field trip... they loved it!

Todd and I, along with our Kim and JP, at the annual Bechtler Modern Museum of Art Gala.  

Lovie making an appearance.   She's still sucking on that damn thing. 

Learning to ride a bike without training wheels. 

Father's Day Breakfast for Hadley and Todd. 

Monkey Bars!!! 
Unfortunately she suffered some residual damage with blisters on the palm of her hand and a couple fingers.  

Haddie's preschool has a theme each week.  Last week was the 'famous' restaurant week.   On Friday their classroom turned into a Mexican restaurant and Haddie was a server.  She loved it.  

And our annual Derby party was this past weekend.  We had a blast and loved spending time with our friends.  We missed a few friends this year that were out of town so we're already looking forward to next year!  

Video of Ri doing the faceoff.  

Last week we went to a Weddington Middle School lax game and a high school game.  The boys and girls Weddington LAX teams are ranked number one in the state (in our division) so they're fun to watch.  

Until next time....

Sunday, April 15, 2018

What a week....

Whew- one busy week in the books.  

Three baseball games, two lacrosse games, one soccer game, one birthday party, multiple practices, a visit from Gammy and Poppy and much more.   One busy April week down- two more to go. 

Riley played two away games this week and played amazing.  It's so fun to watch her be a leader on her team and crush it every time she goes out there.... her summer and fall travel team will be older girls so she will be on the younger side so it's fun to watch her be a leader for now.  Lots of lacrosse to come soon enough.  

Hadley's little birthday party was Friday afternoon.   She had a few friends join her at Urban Air for jumping, playing and cake!   She had a great time.  

Haddie's soccer team won easily again yesterday.  It was hot out and Haddie's team only had one sub so it was a lot of soccer for Haddie- plus the other team was very physical.  Too physical if ya ask me!

Jack's team played Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.   All of us were able to go yesterday and it was a great game for Jack- he played AMAZING.   He made a clutch double play at 2nd to turn the tide and our boys pulled off a win in the bottom of the 2nd.   Very proud of him and the entire team.  

Until next time...

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