Thursday, December 28, 2017


Ahhh- December. 
Where did you go?  It's the 28th- three more days. 
Always, every single year, Thanksgiving comes and goes and then I feel like it's GAME ON.  Errands, Christmas cards, light seeing, shopping, wrapping, parties, kids activities, etc... I stress myself out for no reason because it ALWAYS gets done.  

And I was done this year by the 15th- the day the kids got our for Christmas break.   

Besides all of the Christmas fun Riley began winter training for her middle school lax team that's she's playing with this upcoming year, started her Polar Bear lacrosse games and Jack started his rec basketball team with a bunch of his buddies.  So much fun.   Poor hadley doesn't have an activity right now but she is really into 'playing' lacrosse as well.  She loves going outside with Riley and can manage a lacrosse stick like a boss.  We may have her do the clinics this spring (although technically she should be in kindergarten to do these) and she will also play soccer again.  

We spent the day down in Columbia last Monday with Paa Paa and then visiting with Pop Pop and headed down to the beach Wednesday the 20th for Christmas. 

This week we are back at it - getting the kitchen ready for a remodel starting in a week and a half or so - making final decisions (stove, microwave, sinks, faucets, cabinets, hood, paint, etccc!!).  So much to choose but oh so fun.   Our basement is slowly turning into a kitchen storage unit! 

Some pics and videos recently: 

Christmas card outtakes: 

Haddie excited about her homemade (at school) nativity scene). 

This is what you look like at 7:00 when you wake a the butt crack of dawn.... ugh!  The month of December sure has excited Hadley but she's been waking super early.  Today she snuck in our room, grabbed the ipad and got herself some milk (there was a full cup in the fridge) while we were still sleeping.  

Choices, choices, choices.... we are very excited for this kitchen redo.  Three months of crazy for a brand new kitchen double the size it currently is.   I'll take it!

Riley had her last Christmas party that I'll attend.... boo!   One last semester of elementary school for her!  She's more than ready for middle school- she'd go tomorrow if she could.   (Kids are obsessed with onsies).  

At the exact same time of Riley's class party was Hadley's last preschool performance.  Todd went to that one and videotaped her songs.  She's in the middle with a red candy cane shirt on. 

Again- zonked out.... cutie pie!

Rec hoops... boys are playing U18... yes that it's boys under the age of 18.   Crazy but they can't play U14 since most of them are already 14.   They lost their first game by 40 or so points but didn't care.  They had a blast and loved it.   

Add Hadley to the list of Milligan kids who like sushi.  I likely never heard of sushi until maybe college???  Who knows.  It's Jack's favorite food and he begs us to take him to eat sushi.   Kid better get a good job when he gets older to pay for his eating habits.  

Can't find the pics on my computer of the kids with Paa Paa!  Not sure why... :((((

Beach pics. 

That's it for now!  Cheers to 2017- looking forward to 2018!

Until next time....

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Another Writer in the Family

So it's no secret that I love to write.... sadly I don't have the time (or make the time) to write much anymore.  But I've always loved poetry... it makes me happy.  I love to write it and teaching it was my absolute favorite. 

So when Riley came home today and shared these with me I was LOVING IT!! 

5th Grade Poems
Riley Milligan

Ode To Hadley

You are the sunshine,
To my darkness.
You are the smiling rainbow,
To my frightened clouds.
You are the marsh,
To my mallow.
You make me happy,
When skies are gray.
And if there is one thing I need,
It will always be you!!
When I feel down,
You cheer me up.
When I need help with my homework,
You are there for me too.
Whenever I want to read you books,
And snuggle with me too,
You sit in my lap,
And say,
“Ri I love you”
“Aww I love you too”

Inside This Rock

Inside this rock,
Crystal clear waters
Aromas of waters,
Hitting my nose
Inside this rock,
Millions of droplets,
Fill my eyes with,
Inside this rock,
Spring arises,
As I hear the birds,
Inside this rock,
Slithering past me as walk,
The beautiful,
Niagara Falls,
Inside this rock,
A voice appears to me,

I am…

I am a sad leaf,
Falling to the cold, hard ground.
I am the glistening ocean,
My ferocious waves,
Crashing to the soft,
Squishy floor.
I am a cloud,
Saying hello and goodbye,
To the creatures that pass me.
I am a bird sadly flapping my wings,
Trying to find my mom.
I am a sad, tiny droplet,
Falling from the tall sky.
I am the sun that shines at you.
I am the nasty, cold, hard rain,
Falling ferociously on you,
I am the never ending rainbow,
That you’ll never reach

I am from…
I am from 1041 Antioch Woods Lane
Hustling up tall frightening magnolia trees,
Running, catching bugs,
Swimming with friends,
Throwing tennis balls left and right,
Chasing my dog everywhere,
Burning of heat

I am from trips to Aruba
Swimming in crystal clear water,
Jumping, boogie boarding,
In big tall waves,
Saltwater in my mouth,
Singing and dancing,
Catching fish,
Throwing them at each other

I am from Calais Ave.
Working with Poppy,
Sewing with Gammy,
Jumping into cold pools,
Playing pool tag,
Driving golfcarts,
Hitting trash cans,
Walking dogs,
Having Mom’s sweet apple pie

I am from North Carolina,
Home of the Hornets,
Shooting baskets,
Flying with the state bird,

The big red Cardinal

Seriously- where did she get this from? I am so proud of her creativity and her depth of writing. Way to go Ri!!!

Oh - and Hadley has been practicing her songs for her VERY LAST Christmas program... I video taped her singing the other night while we were out looking at Christmas lights. It was dark and you can't see anything but you can sure hear her! Hilarious.


Until next time.....

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving in the Mountains

This year we spent Thanksgiving in the mountains.
  We spent lots of time cooking, eating, drinking, playing games, being outside and relaxing.   
We also went zip-lining - a first for us - and had a blast.  I'd go back again in a heartbeat.  

All in all it was great to get away from the day to day craziness!  

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