Thursday, January 3, 2019

It's About Time

Well- after I spent last night uploading pics to my blog I realized a few things...

1)- the obvious is I don't make blogging a priority anymore.  I can't believe it's been since late November since my last post.  Crazy. 

2)- I haven't used my real camera in ages (with the one exception of taking pics of our sweet Maizey when she arrived).  

3)- I have very little pics of Jack on my phone.  And not very many of Riley.  And a TON of Hadley.... I guess this is the real version of my life.   Jack is always out and about with friends and playing sports and all things teenagers do... plus he's not really into me taking his pic too much these days.   Ri doesn't mind but she's often busy too... And sweet hadley is with me a ton and she's always taking selfies with my phone too!  

So there we have it... 

And here we are - in 2019 already.   The past month has been super busy... let's recap.

  • Started basketball- she loves it so so much.  I have to remember not to sign her up at the Y next year because it's such a freaking disaster- I hate it.   But she really loves it so it's worth it. 
  • She got to experience Polar Express at school- just like Jack and Riley did.  It's a rite of passage so to speak for kindergarten students at Antioch.  The media specialist does a great job and it's a special time for them right before Christmas Break.  
  • She's lost TWO teeth- not without drama to say the least.   The lady who put Ri's braces on actually pulled Haddie's first tooth and Todd was able to get the 2nd tooth out right after Christmas after a few days of not eating much and being super dramatic about it... AGH!  
  • She's had a couple of playdates with her sweet friend Ruby.  Ruby is in her class they enjoy hanging out together.  
  • She started a science class after school on Tuesday's- she loves it so much.  They are doing an eight week session on sea creatures and do a fun interactive craft each week.  
  • She's on the cusp of really reading- she reads all beginner reader books but once the words start to get a bit harder she gets frustrated.  She is right there though- we keep reading together and I am super proud of her.  
  • She loves to work with math on her white boards and through her IXL math program on the computer.  I think she may end up being smarter in math than reading if I am honest.  

  • Ri started her winter training for her AC club lacrosse team- they work on stick skills and speed/agility.  She's also doing a field hockey clinic which she hated the first week but then started to like it once she figured out what to do.  I'd love for her to play field hockey in the fall in high school- who knows if she will or not though.  
  • On Sunday's she's playing Polar Bear lacrosse with the middle school team- she's only had two Sunday's of games b/c weather.  So far she's played great and the middle school coach has expressed to Todd that he's looking forward to working with her this spring so looks like she's good to go for the middle school lax team.  
  • Has been super super responsible with the puppy- she's been like a third parent for sure.  She loves Maizey so much and takes her for walks, feeds her by hand, washes her in the sink, plays with her and much more.  I am so thankful for her responsibility. 

  • Has been super busy as usual. School is going well- he's coming up on his first semester exams in a couple of weeks already.  Hard to believe.  Hopefully he can manage them well- it's really his first experience with exams. 
  • Baseball has been crazy- winter months mean only Mon, Wed, Friday AM weightlifting and Mon-Thur after school practice.  He's been weightlifting every day this week just to keep up with his progress.   I am super proud of his work ethic for sure.  
  • He made a summer high school showcase team which means Todd and I will have a super busy summer between Jack's six tournaments and Ri's four tournaments and camp.   
  • He's been driving us around quite a bit- he drove all the way to the beach before Christmas.  He def needs to keep driving so he gains more confidence.  

So here we are a week past Christmas.... We have enjoyed our break- lots of family time at the beach and nice visit with Paa Paa and Steve.  We've been home for a week and gotten lots done around the house (Todd even painted Haddie's room) and had some fun family time and time with friends- but I am ready for school to start back up on Monday.   I am going to see Justin Timberlake with 11 other ladies Tuesday night so my new year starts next Wednesday!  ha ha...

Some recent pics....

Haddie at basketball practice: 

We have had weekends upon weekends upon weekends of rain.... this is what the radar has looked like!  

Ri's bracelet mania lately!  She loves these bracelets. 

Decorating cookies for Christmas!

My sugar queen. 

Jack and I went with another mom and four other kids to Raleigh to watch Weddington High School win the state championship.  (3 AA).  It was gross out but we were prepared and ready for the rain.  Luckily we won and it was worth the drive to and from Chapel Hill.  

My loose tooth girl!  

First one out.  

Our sweet puppy!  Swisher didn't want anything to do with her at first and Maizey was scared of him but they didn't take long. 

Now they're besties!

Polar Express Day at school. 

Decorating sugar cookies at the beach- annual tradition. 

Silly snapchat selfies. 

Zonked out on the way home from the movies.  

We saw Mary Poppins- such a cute movie. 

Enjoyed a few walks on the beach - it was nice out! 

Santa was good to the Milligan kids again! 

Only pic from New Year's Eve!  Oops- Jack was at a party and we had a few friends here but everyone was gone by 11:00.   

Standing rib roast on New Year's Day.  So yummy. 

See- they're besties now!  :))-

Shopping and Costco pizza for lunch for my girl- she said it's the 'best pizza.'  YUCK!

Tooth number two!

Haddie and Ruby! 

Ummm- found these selfies on my phone.  

Whew- hopefully it won't be another month before I post again. 

Until next time....

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