Sunday, October 21, 2018

It's Finally Fall

We woke to brisk, cool temps today.  Finally.
It's literally been summer since April.  
Reminds me I have no desire to live in South Florida- I need a respite from the heat. 
Looking forward to fire pits, sweaters, blankets and boots for sure. 

Fall sports have kept us super busy.

Jack has been crazy with baseball, workouts and school... early morning wake ups are his norm now and he actually doesn't mind it.  He puts himself to bed by 9:30 most nights (sometimes earlier) and is drinking muscle milk daily.   I can tell his body is slowly but surely changing and he's getting stronger.  I am very proud of his work ethic.   He has one more week of games and then November it will be slower for sure- baseball arms are shut down.  He also just finished a season of Take on Sports- where he was paired with a special needs buddy.  SO much fun.  Not sure what his schedule will be but I'll take anything less that what he's doing now.   And he pulled straight A's (three honors classes plus art) this first grading period.  

Riley had her first tournament last weekend- her team went 1-3, which was a disappointment.  But Riley played well- scoring once, having several shots on goal and a few assists.  She has improved greatly this past year and I love watching her play.  She's excited to play in a winter league this winter with Weddington girls.  That will be fun to watch.  She has another tournament this week and four more games...  She also pulled off straight A's the first grading period. 

Miss Hadley started her lacrosse clinics this past weekend.  She has 6 Sunday's of lax practice and she loves it.  It's super cute.   I just signed her up for basketball at the YMCA this winter too.  She has been asking to go it so we'll see how it goes.  Wednesday dance class is fun for her as well- not sure if she'll do it again after this year. We'll see.   She is doing GREAT in kindergarten.  She's starting to read and does really well in her class socially and is making friends.  

We are looking forward to the holidays and some down time as a family.  Maybe a little travel sprinkled in too- we'll see.  

Until next time....

Saturday, September 22, 2018



How did that happen?
In two days we go get your driving permit... eeeek!   Wasn't I just learning to drive myself?

Your fourteenth year of life was a good one.

You graduated from middle school with straight A's.
Started high school. 
Gave up playing football. 
Played rec hoops with your buddies. 
Played your last season of 7 on 7 football. 
Completed driver's ed. 
Went deep sea fishing a few times. 
Caught a cobia. 
Vacationed in the Keys. 
Went skiiing. 
Had the best summer with your friends. 
Had surgery on your elbow. 
Spent the 2nd summer in a row injured during summer baseball. 
So many fun memories....

Here you are at 7 or so months old.   

Time is flying by but one thing that stays steady is you Jack. 

You have always been loyal, kind, hard working and a fighter.  You're still small- the smallest kid on the baseball field for sure- but that doesn't stop you.  You fight always and work hard to be the best you can- and I'm proud of you for that.  

Some other fun things about you at 15: 

Fortnite has been a crazy rage right now- since you bought yourself an XBox right after Christmas. 

You still love to fish but you don't fish around here much anymore- such a shame because you have $$$ invested in fishing equipment.  

You really only wear Adidas sneakers... but always wear Nike socks.  Kinda weird. 

You take your lunch to school in a plastic grocery bag and it's pretty much the same thing every day: roast beef/shredded cheddar on a kaiser roll, pickles, grapes and chips.   

You leave for school at 6:10 am every day to workout before school. 

You're taking Visual Art, Math 2 Honors, Earth and Environmental Science Honors, World History Honors. 

Your fave food is hands down sushi.  Followed closely by filet. 

You eat at Chick-fil-A too much. 

Your best friends are JP, Calvin, Matthew, Maggie and Emma. 

Your obsessed with watching Criminal Minds. 

You spent a lot of time this summer swimming in the pond at Aero Plantation. 

Wishing you the best 15th birthday Jack- we love you!


Thursday, September 20, 2018

It's Been a While

Well- looks like it's been almost a month since I posted. 
I used to be so good at this... guess I am not anymore. 
I'm ok with that. 
Blogging for almost 12 years can get old after a while... but I don't want to do my kids a disservice and just stop telling their stories... I can only imagine when they're old and gray sitting back with a cold beverage reading their life stories... I hope so at least. 

Lots going on since I last wrote. 

School is in full swing.  
Fall sports are going strong.
Hadley started, and quit, t-ball. 
Riley has run in three cross country meets.
Jack's high school baseball team workouts and practices have begun. 
Haddie's been to 5 dance classes. 
Hurricane Florence battered North Carolina and dumped almost 10 inches of rain on our house last weekend. 
Jack is about to turn 15!!
We babysat Lacey and Tucker (see pic below- can you tell our kids want another dog!)
College football started!  WOOHOOO- 
We went to our local fall festival and spent $50 on rides... 
Haddie too more selfies of her feet in my car.  

Before you know it the kids first report cards will be here, Riley's travel lacrosse team will start back up again and Jack will be in the midst of double header Saturday baseball games.   


Seriously though- all is good on the homefront.   Todd's traveling a bunch for work, I am back at Pilates every day and excited to start volunteering in hadley's class soon, and the big kids are never home- between school, sports and social lives they keep the miles on my car piling up!  

But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

A few pics....

Haddie loving on Lacey and Tucker- She is dying for another dog. 

Yes- my team got their booty kicked by Georgia last week but I still love them!

Fun at the Matthews Alive Festival.  

Wiped out after the festival. 

So many random pics of Haddie's feet on my phone. 

School is going well for all three- Haddie is starting to read basic reader books and does well with her sight words.   She BUYS her lunch- for real.  She wants to buy it so have at it!  Riley and Jack are doing fine as well.  

The aftermath of Florence- this is after draining the pool (with a hose) for six straight hours.  

Riley's doing great in Cross Country- not sure she'll do it again next year but so far so good this year. 

Until next time...

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