Friday, September 22, 2017

Jack Turns 14

So how does fourteen years go by so quickly?  It’s almost surreal that our ‘baby boy’ can be fourteen years old.   Long gone are the days of curls, Thomas the Trains, match box cars and thumb sucking.  Now we have a boy who is slowly (very slowly) but surely growing into a man.  

A little letter for you Jack…

Dear Jack,

Today you turn fourteen.  FOURTEEN…. How is that possible?  You will celebrate your birthday this evening with a joint birthday party with your best friend JP and 35 of your closest friends.  You will tailgate with pizza, drinks, games and friends and then walk over to the high school varsity football game with all of your friends.   Oh to be a kid again.  
This past year has been a good one - you are now in your last year of middle school - inching closer to the high school years.  You are a straight A student- accepting nothing less of yourself that high A’s.    You’re hard on yourself and expect a lot from yourself - sometimes it gets to you but most of the time you manage it well.  
You played middle school football, basketball, was a starting pitcher on your baseball team, went fishing 97.6 times with your buddies, took up golf again, swam in the ocean waters off the coast of the Dominican Republic, went to Disney World, deep sea fishing twice, snow skiing for the first time and rode a lot of roller coasters.   Sounds like a fun year!   And to top it off- your Dad is installing a putting green in our backyard which should be finished by your birthday!  Pretty damn cool.  
You are a loyal friend who always treats others (with the exception of your sister) the way you want to be treated.  I hope this trait of yours continues as you navigate the high school years… it won’t always be easy but ultimately it’ll be your biggest strength.  
We love you Jack and are super proud of you.

See if you can find Jack in the video below!  

Until next time....

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

This Girl

Well my little squirt had her first soccer game this past Saturday... what a cutie.  She was super nervous since she missed their first two practices and game (we switched her teams) but she did great.

I was honestly just praying she would make it through without crying or melting down or something crazy... She's been a beast lately and has had a little cold so I wasn't sure what to expect. 

But.... she did GREAT!!  It's a team of six little ladies all 6 and under- it's meant for girls born in 2012 but they let kids 'play up' if they're able to and my girl rocked it.  

I swear she had this grin on her face through most of her game - and she even scored a goal.   Now to find her some small black socks and shin guards that she will wear.  

Shortly after her soccer game we went to Jack's football game.  I have been taking pics all season and often from the field so i can have a better view.  This little squirt decided to join me and had a little fun tossing her lovie up in the air!  HA!  

Until next time....

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