Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two Years Old

Dear Haddie,

I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I am sitting down writing your TWO YEAR OLD post.  It cannot be possible that you’re two.  This past year flew by, so quickly.  I swear you were just crawling, just learning to walk, just running along the beach for the first time.

But no my dear… time does not stand still.   As much as I’d like to keep you little, I have really enjoyed this past year (well mostly – all except for your sleep issues).  You’re growing up quickly.   

This past year you started preschool and going to the Y with me several days a week.  You literally walk right in to school and the Y with no problem.  I am thankful that you’re not shy.  It makes things easier.  Next year you’re going to school three AM’s a week.  You love it and it keeps you busy.  Plus I have a feeling you’ll be dropping your nap at a young age just like your siblings – so the busier you are the better it is for me! 

Some little tidbits about you at age two….

You are wearing size 3T clothes.  Some 3T pants are starting to get a bit tight on you… yikes!  I did buy you a 4T bathing suit.  You still haven't worn real jeans or button/zip pants.  Your gut is just a tad big sweetie!  Little chunker.   

I just bought you a pair of size 7 Nike sneakers.  It seems every time I turn around you are growing out of your shoes – so this time I went big.  You’re more of a size 6 ½ but I a hoping these shoes last a while.  Plus going into the summer you’ll be wearing sandals, flip flops, etc….

Speaking of shoes… you are obsessed with them.  You like to pick out your shoes and try putting them on yourself.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 

You JUST quit drinking milk out of a bottle.  Literally- two weeks ago I bought some Nubi sippy cups with this rubber straw and threw all of your bottles away.  You definitely don’t drink as much milk as you used to but I’m pleased with how much you drink.  I’d say you take in about 15-20 ounces a day of milk.  Considering you’re not the best eater it’s important to me that you continue to drink milk.   

You are talking more and more every day.  Just today you said the word disgusting very clear.  You've said that word for some time now but today it was very clear.  You are starting to put words together more and more.  I hoping the tubes you had put in your ears last week will really jump start your communication.   You repeat everything we ask you to say but you're not talking in sentences just yet. 

One of the funniest things you do is say words backwards.  Since Riley was tiny we have called the female private area "peachy."  When you say it you will say 'cheapy."  It's hysterical.  Same with socks.  you say "cos."   Listen carefully. 

You love being outside.  Right now you're into drawing with chalk.  Riding little bikes, going for walks, playing on the playset, swinging and just being outdoors.  We went to the park the other day and you were in heaven.  literally you ran around screaming because you were so happy.  Makes me feel guilty I don't take you  more.  We lived at the park with the big kids.  I promise to do better!  I am looking forward to this summer with lots of pool and beach time.  

You absolutely HAVE to go with Daddy every AM to take the big kids to school - if you are awake.  In fact, when Jack and Ri start getting their shoes on and book bags ready you start to freak out.  It's like you think Daddy is going to leave you.

Your latest sleep shenanigans are almost unreal.  Lately you've been waking around 4:00 and crying out for me.  I will eventually make my way down to your room, change your diaper, rock you for a few minutes and tell you night night.  You usually end up crying a little more or playing in your bed.  When you do this - you'll sleep until 7:30 or 8:00.  But - if you don't… then you're up by 6:00.   That is no fun because then you want to go in Ri and Jack's room… I hope one of these days you'll sleep normally at night.  

But- you are a rock star napper.  You will sleep 2-3 hours on a regular basis.  This means that you're not going to bed until 7:45-8:00 but that's fine.  It's lighter our later now so we're outside more.  

One not-so-funny thing you've been up to is coloring on yourself.  Just the other night I found you under the desk with a blue marker coloring ALL OVER your feet.  Unreal.  

You're obsessed with animals and love reading books with animal pictures.  Every night after you take a bath and play some more we snuggle in your pink rocking chair and read three books.  You'd sit there for hours and read and read and read.   But I stop after three.  Seems to be a good number.  

I am enjoying watching you grow and blossom into a little girl.  You are feisty like your sister and just as independent - if not more - than Riley.   You're wise beyond your years and love your family so very much.  

Here's some fun pics to look back on.  

Just a few days old. 

Under two weeks old. 

A few days. 

6 months. 

One year. 

One year. 

15 months. 

15 months. 

15 months. 

18 months.

18 months. 

18 months.

21 months. 

And we had a sweet little photo shoot recently.  Here you are at two years old! 

I love you my sweet girl. 


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