Friday, April 10, 2015

A Special Day for our Hizzy

So yesterday was a special day for our Hizzy.
No big party this year - just a special family day. 

Riley went to get Haddie up…. she loves doing this.  

 Haddie honestly needs nothing.  With having lots of Riley's toys from when she was younger we really didn't have any big ideas for Haddie.  But - she is into the movie Frozen so she got an Elsa doll and some art supplies to go with her easel.  

Presents all wrapped up the night before. 

Riley being a great big sister - like always. 

Very excited to get some paper for her easel.  Kinda funny.  

Riley setting up her easel. 
After eating a quick breakfast we hit the road for the zoo in Columbia.  Paa Paa met us there.  It was very hot and crowded but Haddie enjoyed it very much which made it worth it.

She touched a turtle shell.   

Enjoying a sweet treat. 
 Once we got home we filled up the baby pool and the girls had a blast.  Jack joined them briefly but was busy working on his boy stuff - whatever that entails. 

We ended her special day with dinner and a birthday cake!!

We love our Hizzy and can't wait to celebrate more birthdays with her. 

Until next time….

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