Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hadley Mae Turns Three

My oh my… where did the last three years go? 
Seems like days ago we were checking into the hospital to await your arrival that Tuesday…  watching interviews of golfers on TV during the Masters. 

Here we are though- you're three years old.   Three years as a family of five. 
Although at times you are challenging and I feel sleep deprived most of the time - I wouldn't change it for the world.  

Here you are turning one: 

Turning two: 

And some of my favorite pictures from this last year: 

(this was taken the first day your turned TWO)

I thought it would be fun to look back at your one year and two year old posts and compare a little.

Here was a blurb from the day your turned one: 

You are into E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  There is nothing that is off limits for you.  
You're brave and curious and not afraid of anything (but the vacuum). 
Needless to say we have to watch you like a hawk.  
You love to open drawers and cabinets and empty the contents.   We had to put safety thingies on a few cabinets and it makes you very upset!  
We have gates on the stairs but you like to try to climb on the SIDE of the stairs.  I've found you on the 2nd step a few times.   This is seriously a disaster waiting to happen because the stairs are hardwood and the corners are sharp.  I may have to buy those things for the corners of ledges just so you don't poke an eye out.

Here's another one from when your turned one: 

You love to play with puzzles.  I can tell that you realize that the pieces 'belong somewhere' but you don't know how to get them back into place.   You enjoy looking at books, especially the one with the ladybugs.  We play babies together every day.   You will imitate me hugging them and feeding them.  It's sweet to see you gentle with your babies.  


**By the way- two years later you're a rock star puzzle person and you still play babies.   You cook for them, dress them, take them for walks…" **

Another blurb from your one year post: 

 I've joked with people that you go through life in 'beast mode' all the time.   There's nothing in your way.  You'll stand next to the couch, yank all the pillows and blankets off that you can reach and throw yourself on top of them over and over.  
You will bang your head against something on purpose if you're mad.  
You throw toys around like it's nothing.
You figure things out - all the time.    
It's just the way you are - there's nothing dainty about you.  
You're a big girl- fitting into size 2T sometimes already.  
It's going to be interesting to see how you grow and change.


**Well- beast mode is a way of life for you.  You're still plowing your way through life- yet now you say "I'm scared" quite a bit.  I can't always figure out what you're' scared of but your always seem to work it out. 

You're still a big girl too - fitting into 4T and 5T clothes easily.  

One year…

You have finally figured out the sleeping thing.  
You sleep all night now and if you do wake it's normally to talk and play for 30 minutes or so and then you'll fall back to sleep.  
You nap twice a day still.  The times vary but on average each nap is about 1 1/2 hours- the first one around 8:30 and the second one around 1:15-1:30.



Ha- that's a joke.  I don't think you ever have really figured out the sleep thing.  You go in spurts of really good sleeping and really bad sleeping.  Really bad sleeping means you're up for the day by 5:30- not kidding.   We did take your crib down a couple months ago.  The first few nights were hairy but you got it down quickly.  

WIth the removal of the crib means naps are out of the picture- although you really quit napping over the holidays.  If you're extra cranky, need a nap or I need you up later than normal then I have to drive you around to take a nap.  Fun times.  Takes me back to when RIley was two.

This past year year you traveled to the beach several times, you flew on your first airplane, went to Maine and Boston, went to the zoo, and many, many other fun things.  

You currently love: 

Your big brother and sister. 
Cheese sticks. 
Apples and peanut butter. 
Salad with lettuce, cukes, cheese and ranch.
To swim and play outside. 
Watching the iPad.
Your swim teacher.
Wearing tight leggings. 
Flip flops. 
The ocean.
Reading books at night.
Taking baths. 
Your mommy and daddy.

You currently hate: 

Sleeping past 6:00.
Eating a real meal.
Green beans. 
Peeing in the potty.
Your car seat straps.

(do you sense a pattern here?)

You have definitely been a bit challenging since you stopped napping over the holidays. 
You've been in a vicious cycle of waking early, not napping, not eating well and just being downright cranky.  
Fun times…  If you take a snooze on the couch or in the car then you're quite pleasant and can stay up- otherwise forget about it.  You're in bed for the night by 7:00 ish.  This is great at times, but not always.  

Your Fufie!  I guess that's how you spell it.  It's a downright obsession.  You always have it with you- always.  the only time you'll put it down is if you're outside or playing intently inside.  

You won't have anything to do with the toilet.  NOTHING.  
I hope to update this blog over the summer to say we have successfully potty trained you.  

Oh sweet girl!  Your sweetness, feistiness, lovableness, silliness, craziness and everything in between makes my heart smile.  You drive me crazy and fill me with such joy at the same time.  

I love you sweet girl.  
It's going to be a fun summer in your new pool!!

Happy third birthday!
I love you.


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