Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer Has Begun

Well- the craziness of summer has begun.  We are in week two now and I am officially an Uber Driver.  

In between appointments, shutting Jack and his buddies to different pools, fishing, my phone dying, Carowinds, etc... and Riley's sleepovers and just normal stuff we have put some miles on the car.

Well- this past 6 days it hasn't been my car though- it's been a rental.

Jack left the back rear passenger door open last Tuesday afternoon and I backed up and the door slammed into the side of the garage  UGH!   So off we went to Toyota and they promptly began working on it- It needed a new door and they don't come painted.  It's done but the painting take a couple days so I can't pick my car up until Thursday.   


We have definitely gotten some major pool time in... major!   These girls love the sun.  Me too.   We all got an A+ report from the dermatologist last week so we're good to go!

So much swimming = a very tired girl most nights.   This past weekend we were at friends' houses both nights (late) and Hadley slept until 9:00 Saturday and 8:40 Sunday.   I'll take it!

Random pics on my phone - courtesy of the ladies. 

Riley has been enjoying sleepovers - three of them last week and another one tomorrow night!  

Haddie is obsessed with playing farm.  Obsessed.   For a month or so she's been on the porch but now that it's super hot out she moved them inside.... the other day while the big kids were off with friends I snapped these pics.   Love this cutie pie. 

Until next time....

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