Thursday, June 15, 2017

Celebrating Riley

Every year Riley has her birthday party right when school gets out... chances are lots of her friends are out of town around June 29th.  And all but one of her friends made it to her party this past weekend.  

I love having kids at our house, simply love it.  But I do not, under any circumstances, plan crafts, games, etc... That's up to the kids.  Riley wanted water balloons to play games with - so I bought her a bunch of those 'quick fill' water balloon packs.  She filled them all up and they were a hit.  They had a water balloon fight, a water balloon toss contest, etc...  So cute. 

As the years have gone on the parties have changed of course- this year it was the music.  We had music playing and the next thing I know the girls starting coming up to me requesting music.  So here I am - downloading tween tunes - and playing DJ.  It was adorable.  

The ladies spent 2 1/2 hours swimming, dancing, eating, singing happy birthday, playing games, etc... It really went well and Ri is lucky to have so many great young ladies in her life.  

Lots of fun pics. 

Happy 11th birthday - a little early!

We love you. 

Until next time....

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