Thursday, June 29, 2017

Riley Turns 11

How did that happen? 
Now we are on the verge of becoming a lady, one more year left of elementary school to go!   

If I had a list of Top Ten Qualities for Riley they would be this:   


Let me explain: 

Independent:  you literally could run our household if I let you.  You are learning how to cook, you can take care of your sister almost as well as I can.  You do your homework without being asked.

Organized: for the MOST part- you are very organized.  Your school stuff is always tip top shape and you have times where you go on a crazy organizing spree in your room- drawers, closet, bathroom, etc...  Sometime i have to remind you to do this but once you get going you need no help. 

Pleaser:  this is a trait I have seen more and more in you as you age.  Your fiestiness is slowing down and quietly being replaced with a more pleasing trait.  You don't like to be scolded and will do things (like give Haddie a shower) just to make night times easier on me.  

Thoughtful:  with the teens years coming up quickly we have had more and more conversations about how we treat others and how to react to the way people treat you.  I feel like you're really getting it now because you worry about the kids at lunch with no one to sit by or the kid at recess being picked on.  You are clearly aware of social situations where others are bullied and I pray you stand up for them- and I think you are starting to.  

Funny:  You crack me up sometimes with your silly facial expressions behind Jack's back or your retelling of funny stories from school.  Your smile is so pretty and I love to see it. 

Caring:  This goes along with 'thoughtful' but I wanted to make sure I included it.  You honestly care about others, especially in your family.  It bothers you to your core when Jack is mean or picks on you - even though we know he's joking.  

Kind:  You are the BEST big sister ever and so incredibly patient and KIND to Hadley.  She drives you crazy at times and follows your every single move but most of the time you include her, are kind to her and love her fiercely.  

Beautiful:  No need to say more here... your inner beauty is just as strong as your outer beauty.  

Strong: although you haven't endured much (if any) hardship in your life you have had some weird medical things happening to you the last few months.  Your hands/legs/arms/shoulders will get weak and tingly at times that are unexplained.  We've been to the pediatrician, cardiologist and neurologist so far and no answers.  Every single blood work level has some back normal except for the two tests for autoimmune diseases (Lupus and Sjorden's Disease).  Your pediatrician thinks these are false positives because your other markers indicating these autoimmune disorders/diseases don't come up positive.  But- nonetheless- we are scheduled to see a pediatric rheumatologist in September.   You 'default' diagnoses is stress/anxiousness and this is your bodies reactions.  Although I wouldn't peg you as an anxious kid you were definitely stressed about end of grade testing and worried about silly boy issues. Time will tell if the default diagnoses is the truth.  

Brave:  See above :)- 

This next year is a big one for you... 5th grade!  Your last year of elementary school is around the corner.  Thank you Jesus!!  You're a great student who has to work hard but your desire to do well is what impresses me.  It's not always easy but you work for it - and that's what matters.   

You also 'retired' from soccer and are going back to lacrosse full time this fall.   You're also adding a tumbling class into the rotation which should be fun for you.  

Happy 11th birthday sweet girl.  Love you so much and can't wait to celebrate on vacation with YOU!


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