Saturday, July 1, 2017

St. Simons Island- Part One

This year we decided to try St. Simon's Island for the first time.  We spent four nights at the King and Prince Resort and we had a great time - just the five of us.  

Our room (more like two bedrooms, two full baths, full kitchen, laundry and nice family room) opened up to the ocean.  Literally- we walked down stairs, passed one of the pools and a hot tub, and walked onto the beach.   The proximity is not something we are used to and I thoroughly enjoyed it.    There aren't many things that make me happier than hanging with my family on the beach.  

Jack fished his little heart out - every night when it was low tide he walked the 100 plus yards, put some raw shrimp on his hook and went to town.  He even caught a sting ray!   Needless to say Todd helped him with that.  

On Tuesday we spent time on the beach, in the pools and went down to the village - a super cute shopping area with lots of yummy restaurants and shops- along with a huge fishing pier and a lighthouse. 

On Wednesday the boys went fishing on a charter boat.  They caught a TON of fish (lots of sharks too) but only a few 'eaters' as Jack likes to call them.   He did cook them but said they weren't that great.  

Lots and lots of pics- of course they uploaded in a very random order so it's a hodge podge of the first two days. 

More to come....

Until next time...

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