Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Rest of Punta Cana...

True story: 

Lots of wildlife lives in and around the resort.  Tons of birds, flamingos, etc.  There was also a mother peacock and her four babies that walked around.  I swear to you that Jack and I heard a noise one night and right outside our sliding glass door was the momma peacock and her four babies chillin' on our table.  Out of the hundreds of rooms in the resort she decided to hang out on our porch- two nights in a row!  

This was the mess she left us....

Poor maids had to clean that shit up two AM's in a row- until we started putting the chairs on the table!

The boys met a local fisherman guy who hooked them up with some local fish and also let them use hid rods.   

Twice, for lunch, they ate fresh fish, grilled on the beach, that was caught that AM in the ocean outside our hotel.  Super cool and very happy boys.  

The same guy who helped the guys with fishing also hooked us up with some local coconuts.  Haddie liked it!

All in all a great five days away.   

These two beauties helped me tons with hadley- love them to much!

Seriously cannot believe these 'little' girl is almost 11!  Ugh- can't handle it.  

Friends for life. 

All the ladies...

Until next time....

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