Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Life Lately

So we are back in the full swing of things after a glorious vacation... well- when it isn't raining.  The last two nights were supposed to be crazy busy but we literally had rain for almost 48 straight hours so fields were closed and games were cancelled.

Unfortunately when Hadley found out last night that her Soccer Shots was cancelled she had an epic meltdown.  Poor kid- she has two more weeks.  

Kid Updates


I think Riley has decided to quit soccer- which is at times a surprise to me but lately she's been disengaged.  It gets more and more intense the older she gets and I honestly think she's just not that intense of an athlete.  Sure she has skills and enjoys playing sports but she's super social and chatty and doesn't have the deep burning desire to 'win at all costs' that her brother has (and likely her little sister it seems).

So next school year she is going to take a tumbling class and play lacrosse.  Lacrosse isn't that intense (it sure can be as you get older) and she's enjoyed the little bit she's been able to play this spring.  She's doing a camp in June with her friend Brooklyn for a whole week (all day) and is looking forward to that.    

She was sick all last week with a wicked head cold and missed two days of school.  Luckily she's bounced back and is her old self.  


Jack is finishing up his middle school baseball season in the next cpl of weeks and will slowly transition into summer ball.  He's looking forward to being back with his friends for summer ball and so are we.  This season he's played every single game (either pitcher or shortstop every inning) but all of his friends were on the Varsity team- so it'll be nice to have them back together. 

Six more weeks of school and Jack can spend his summer playing baseball, fishing and hanging with friends and family (all of his favorite things).  He's been struggling with stressing himself out too much and that triggers him to be a bit OCD at night but we're working on it.   


Well- Hadley is the same crazy old little lady we all love so much.  She's back to swimming like a fish - after being afraid she'd sink.  She's obsessed with painting, coloring and following her sister around everywhere- literally everywhere.   If Riley is at a friends house Hadley asks over and over when she'll return.   She's been into playing 'farm' with all of the old Little People toys that we've saved from Jack's toddler years.  

Tomorrow Hadley and I get to the farm on a field trip together.  it's kind of a rite of passage for the three year old classes at the preschool.  We are both excited to do something fun and different together.

I was able to find Jack's pics from the farm 10 years ago- can't find Riley's.   (But I did find her blog post about it- click here.)

Jack with his teacher, Mrs. Neal (and her daughter). 

Surrounded by the ladies... and apparently worn out. 

Haddie playing 'farm' here at home. 

We went to a minor league baseball game here in CLT this past weekend with our good friends Jim, Meagan, Camp and Fin.  The kids had a blast - even Hadley.  She ate her way through the night - seriously she ate cotton candy, dippin' dots and a slushie.  And popcorn.  Not sure how she didn't puke.  

The funniest part of the night was when I hacked Jack's phone and took a funny pic of Meagan and I and posted it to his Instgram account with the caption "My mom and her friend are the best."   HAHAHA!     We got lots of chuckles with that and he didn't even realize it for 30 minutes or so.   

Last Sunday - this first day of our mini tropical storm (or what felt like it) Ri's game was cancelled so she spent the day with Fin- shopping!  A girls dream.... Jack and bunch of buddies went to the movies and then came back here last minute to shoot hoops.  Of course they got in the pool in their shorts and acted like a bunch of three year olds- so much fun to watch!  Great kids.  

Emma turned 18 this past week and as I was digging up some pics to send her I found this gem.... I remember thinking to myself as I took this pic that Todd will be one happy camper one day when his son can golf with him.  Too bad he's rather play baseball, football and fish!  

Paa Paa has been up in Ohio and she took a side trip with her BFF to Indiana and was in the area of our old house- here it is!  My house from K-6th grade.  

And one of my grade school BFF's mom's still lives in her house.  Literally she's been in her house since 1980.  Crazy!  

And one more pic- Hadley has been writing her letters NONSTOP!   She's got a long way to go but man- she's been working hard.  So proud of her!  (Although she's already showing signs of being a perfectionist like her brother).... not good.  

Until next time....

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