Thursday, April 20, 2017

Punta Cana Day Three

Day three (our second full day) the ocean was rougher than day two so we decided to spend the day at the pool... the resort has this pool that literally winds around and around the entire resort.  Of course it's probably filled with pee but it was nice.  There was lots of entertainment (water polo, water casino, bars, grills, etc...) 

Haddie quickly got over her 'fear' of sinking in the water.   She was a fish and swam all day long- until she passed out for a late afternoon nap!  

Quick little break for my Hizzy. 


We took some more formal pics on the beach and around the resort a cpl different nights.  Kids clean up nicely.  

Most nights after dinner we would walk back down to the beach, play shuffleboard and hang out.  The resort had quite a few beds on the beach - each with their own pergola.  At night they were stripped down to waterproof mattresses but we still would climb on them and hang out.  The kids played lots of rounds of Duck, Duck, Goose. 

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