Sunday, March 5, 2017

Playing Catch Up

Five days into March and we are almost into spring.  Cannot believe it. 
Tons of pics from this past week or so. 

My sweet Hizzy with her 'show and tell' last week- always some random stuffed animal. 

Passed out in the car.  Nothing like a girl on the run all the time.  

There's a cute little park near where Jack practices - we spent some time there one night while Riley was out with friends.  Haddie LOVES the park and runs around like a crazy lady.  

Last Tuesday we did soccer carpool and then dropped Jack off at baseball practice.  Hadley and I came home and ate dinner and she quickly had a meltdown b/c she wanted 'to go somewhere.'  Poor girls goes to so many games for her siblings- she just wants something for herself.  Rest assured my dear- Soccer Shots starts this Tuesday.  

I took the trash out the other night, came inside and sat on the couch with Ri.  She was starting at my shirt and told me (slowly and quietly) that I had a slug on my shirt.... Um... I hopped up, ripped my shirt off and jumped in the shower (Yes- I did!!).   I came down and we were on "operation find the slug."  We quickly found it.  And since Todd wasn't home Jack had to step up to be the man of the house: 

Jack had his first middle school game yesterday.   My little stud went 3 1/3 innings as the starter and only allowed one run.  And he's been sick.  He felt like crap yesterday AM and wasn't sure he could muster the energy to even play.  I am so proud of him.   Once he came off the mound he moved over to short stop.   Those are his two positions this year!  So excited to watch him play.  

And little miss....  

Speaking of little Miss- she went home with Ruby on Friday.  Her first real play date.  It was so stinking cute.  Love these two cutie pies.   

Riley has been super busy with soccer too.  She has a game at 5:30 today and Todd gets to take her- Momma's going on a wine tour in a big limo with a bunch of friends today!!  WOOHOO.  

Hopefully she plays well- she had a sleepover birthday party Friday night and then spent the day with Finley yesterday and ended up staying at her house last night.  Busy girl- she's always doing something.  

Whew- another busy week coming up.   I'll have to remember to document it!
Until next time...

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