Friday, March 10, 2017

These Three

These three kids....

Spend a lot of time at the kitchen counter. 
Doing homework.
Checking Instagram.
Watching the iPad. 
Cutting food.
And the list goes on...

They are often doing different things but seeing all three of them, lined up all in a row, makes my heart smile. 
I remember when we were pregnant with Hadley Todd and I quickly realized we needed another bar stool to add to our collection.   Thank goodness there's only three of them!  

Hadley has been OBSESSED with painting lately.  She loves it and is actually pretty good at it.  She's super creative and patient and we all love watching her concentrate.  

She has made all of us pictures, including Swisher, and I bought a couple of frames to hang in her room with her new artwork. 

These three knuckleheads went swimming on Wednesday.  Legit swimming.  Haddie didn't get in the big pool and stayed close to the hot tub (which was heated) but the big girls swam in the big pool - which is a chilly 64 degrees.   Once we get through this cold spell that is coming the next few days I will heat the pool and get her back at it- need her swimming before spring break!  

(I asked Haddie to say cheese and she promptly struck a pose for me).  

Oh yeah- hadley started soccer this week.... better pics to come soon. 

Until next time....

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