Sunday, February 26, 2017


Jack's studying DNA in science right now and often talks about 'inherited traits' these days.  It's quite fascinating when you think about it.  Physical traits are often the most noticeable traits passed on from generation to generation - but sometimes, just sometimes, other traits show up from time to time that we can't always 'see' with our eyes. 

One trait that Jack has inherited from me is his ability to write.  I am not talking about handwriting, but his ability to craft a meaningful piece of writing.  There are many, many things that I do not do well - but I can write.  And I enjoy it.  I should write more but there's many things I should do more and I just don't.  Maybe one day. 

I remember volunteering in his class in 2nd grade during writing time and I'd sneak a peek at what jack was working on and thinking to myself, "Gosh- is this normal 2nd grade work?"  He always wrote complex sentences, used lots of figurative language (properly) and his writing had meaning and clarity.   Even his spelling back then was on point.  I would work with other kids and it was clear to me that he was off the charts when it came to writing.  

Sadly teachers these days don't focus on writing much anymore - it's more technical and purposeful and the days of creative writing just aren't around much anymore.   But from time to time he'll write a piece that he's proud of and share it with me.  

Like this one: 

(Back story - Jack's English and Social Studies teachers often work hand-in-hand with their curriculum.  Jack was given the topic of women's suffrage and asked to write a poem.  He first wrote it in third person and his teacher challenged him to write it in first person).


We (Women) have been doubted
Yet we stand so tall
That takes courage
And we will not fall

Courage takes heart
But don’t ever give up
As time will pass
We hope to gain luck

We have been worrying
For large amounts of time
But you just stay put
Cause you will be fine

Hard work pays off
If we put in the effort
Going through troubles
Will make us a lot better

In the end
We look back at our worries
Yet all we see
Is that we kept going

When we were babies
Starting to get nourished
It was just the beginning
Of our whole life of courage

Jack Milligan


All Jack's words. His thoughts. His feelings.
To say I am proud of him is an understatement.

To quote his baseball coach this spring: "He's the man!"

Speaking of baseball- Jack is the #1 pitcher and starting shortstop this spring. He's worked hard and deserves this. So proud. May be his last season ever in this roll starter/leader roll so he better enjoy it!

Until next time....

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