Monday, February 20, 2017

Is it spring yet?

It's only February 20th (or I guess I could say is it already February 20th) but it seems as if spring is already here.  The doors are open, trees are budding and flowers are beginning to pop up out of the ground.  Oh- and it's in the 70s again today.  Feels like global warming is actually a thing. 

I'll take it.  Although I am not ready for it to be sweaty hot I do like the sunny afternoons where we can be outside.  It's nice for the kids not to pack hand-warmers for practice (although we have a Costco size box of them ready to go).  

Todd's traveling all week long.  As in he flew out early today, arrives home late tmrw night, flies out again early Wednesday - and returns home Friday evening.  Whew.   

This little booger and I chilling in the car waiting on Jack - we are either waiting to pick him up from school or practice - or waiting for preschool to open since we always get there early after dropping Jack off at school. 

Lots of time spent in the car.  Lots.  

Paa Paa came this weekend and helped out since we were running in lots of different directions all weekend.  She took the girls to the park late afternoon Friday to feed the ducks and play. 

And Hadley got into the very little make up that I have while I was getting ready Saturday night.  Silly girl.  

This AM after we took Jack to school we ran to the grocery store.  When we got home she asked to get on the ipad.  I told her no - that she had to do find something else to do, like read a book. 

A few minutes later she said, "Mom- I am reading!!!"   

Harry Potter it is.
From board books to Harry Potter.  Smart girl.  HAHA~

And because we are obsessed with dresses and walking around in heels.... here's Miss Priss in her new dress (clearance at Target for $1.49!!)   Ha.  

Chilling in the sun today while we waited for Riley to get home from school. 

Until next time...

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