Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Independent Girls, Braces and a little Throwback

So this is what happens when you have an independent girl.... she dresses herself in interesting color combinations.
And her shoes?  Ripped and gross. 
Oh well. 
She also 'brushed her hair' - climbed on top of the toilet to reach her brush and de-tangler.  Silly girl.
Love my sweet independent ladies.  They never need help with anything.  

Jack got braces  yesterday - a full set.
Needless to say he was hot mess last night and early this AM.  Lots of discomfort and pain.
Thank God it's only braces and not that life altering.  

This weekend is a packed one.  Todd and I have a dinner Friday night with work people in town and Saturday night we have the annual Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser that is so much fun.
Jack has a party Friday night and a three hour baseball practice Saturday.  Riley has a basketball and soccer game Saturday and another game Sunday that's an hour away - and Miss Hadley has a birthday party on Saturday too!  Thank Goodness Paa Paa is coming Friday to help us.... 

So since I've been lame this past week on taking pics- even on my phone- here's some throw backs... Love that I take tons and tons of pics and can always look back. 

Until next time....

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