Monday, February 6, 2017

Fun Weekend

The 'busyness' of weekends is upon us.  

This past Friday night Riley and one of her close friends Sydney went to see the school play "The Little Mermaid".   Their BFF Addy was in it, along with several other friends.   I hated to miss it but I hear it was awesome.  

Meanwhile I was chaperoning the 7th grade dance with this cutie.   

Jack and Ri actually posed for a pic and acted like they love each other- just for a minute.  

Jack went off with his buddies for a 'preparty' so this is the only pic I got of him.  

The rest of the weekend was spent on a field or court.   Riley's team played four games and won ALL FOUR.  They won the championship in Penalty Kicks.  So fun to watch.   Todd got the freezing cold AM games both days and I got to watch the afternoon games.  

Jack played basketball Saturday as well (Ri missed her game due to soccer) and we had a super bowl party last night.  

Jack game to watch his sister's championship game and brought along his two best buds. 

Coach Andy.

Little Hizzy cheering on her big sister.  

Until next time....

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