Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Trip to the ER

So we had a little adventure Tuesday night downtown to the children's Emergency Room.  

Seems our Miss Hadley had a 'foreign object' in her eye.  

Let me backtrack...

On Monday we went to Target before gymnastics and she weaseled herself into getting a Paw Patrol necklace- the kind that hangs low.  She was wearing it Monday afternoon and it broke.  Not sure how it broke but she came downstairs with only the pendant.  

A little while later she started fussing that her eye hurt.  Riley looked in her eye (I was talking to Jack) and got an eyelash out.  I thought it was over.   She complained for about 10 more minutes that her eye hurt but I didn't see anything and she stopped complaining.  

Fast forward to Tuesday and I picked her up from school and her eye looked a little 'off.'  it was a tad swollen and looked like she had been rubbing it.  She has had a cold so I just figured she was getting worse.  

Well- we went on about our afternoon running Jack and Riley around and then I put her in the tub around 6:30.  I noticed that the white part of her right eye was red in the corner.  I asked her to look the other direction and I pulled her eye lid down and noticed a rather alarmingly large silver object in her eye... I was in immediate panic mode.  

She would not let me get it out and Todd wasn't home so I was freaking out... I finally got Todd on the phone and we headed towards the ER...  

They got us back right away and immediately put numbing drops in her eye - but she still wouldn't let the DR go near her.  

Next came the 'loopy' meds...  They worked.

The DR. got it out and we were all shocked to see it was a piece to the necklace that broke.  
Once it was out she looked at me with a stunned look and said, "It's gone?"  I told her it was and she promptly hugged me tight and said, "I did it!!!"

Super proud of our brave girl and her very helpful brave sister.  Jack held down the fort at home until we got home around 10:30.  

Until next time....

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