Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Homestead Day Two

Saturday, our second full day at the Homestead, was packed with skiing.   

But before skiing we had breakfast in the ballroom (can I say the BEST buffet ever- and I don't really even like breakfast food).   Todd took the kids to the game room and they played games for an hour and then we hopped on the shuttle and headed over to the slopes.  

Todd and the kids got right on it.  There was more snow on Saturday than Friday and definitely more crowded.  

Hadley had another lesson from 12-1 with Jessie and at the end of the lesson she took her up on the lift and went down the 'big' slope.    Needless to say she was spent after her lesson.   

Saturday night we scored a table at a yummy restaurant for dinner and then hit the outdoor hot tub.   It was freezing out and the kids thought it was so fun to 'swim' in the cold weather.   

The Homestead has lots of history and it's the first 'resort' in the United States.  It's a gorgeous piece of property and we had a blast.  

Until next time....

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