Friday, January 27, 2017

Homestead- Day One

So it's 8:45 and the girls are passed out together in bed the boys and I are chilling - recovering from a fun day.   

We've never taken the kids skiing before so we had no idea if they'd like it.  Well- they all three loved it.  Hadley was a rock star- she had a private lesson and then really got it.  She used these little clips to keep the front of her skiis close together and that seemed to really help.  

Jack and Riley had a lesson together and it didn't take them long to get it either.  They were quickly off to the bigger slope on their own.  

Hadley had a few meltdowns back at the hotel when we tried to get her to nap but we finally gave up and hit the indoor pool.   The kids swam for about 45 minutes and then we headed to the outdoor ice skating rink. 

The Homestead is a beautiful place with tons to do.  Looking forward to another fun day tomorrow.  

Enjoy the pics...

A few videos from today...

Until next time....

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