Thursday, January 19, 2017

Catch Up

Guess it's time for a 'catch up' blog.  It's been a loonnggg time since I've posted about what's been going on.  

We're a few weeks into the new year and it used to be that winter was our down time... our 'not so busy' time.

Not anymore.  
Next week Riley starts training for soccer, ends Futsal, and has basketball until February 18th.   Jack goes to baseball three days a week, has middle school try-outs Feb 6th (then it'll be 5-6 days a week) and also has basketball until February 18th.  Oh- and somehow Riley is squeezing in lacrosse this spring (when she can make it since soccer seems to get in they way all the time) and Jack will play 7 v 7 football on Sunday's.  Needless to say it'll be a busy few months coming up.

We are hoping to take the kids skiing next weekend up in Hot Springs, VA.  But the weather has been warm and it's supposed to rain a bunch over the weekend so if there are no slopes open then we won't go.  We've been looking forward to this trip for quite some time so it will be a big bummer not to go.  We will decide by Tuesday.  

Next week bring the big 4-3 birthday for me.  Yuck.  Hate growing old.   Paa Paa and I celebrated our birthday's a week early yesterday by getting pedi's, shopping and treating ourselves to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (and enjoying a slice of yummy cheesecake).  The kids are off school on my actual birthday so who knows what we'll do.  I think Hadley has school so maybe the big kids and I will treat ourselves to a yummy lunch somewhere.  

Kids are cranking along in school- report cards come out again in two weeks.  I expect good grades from both Jack and Riley.  Hadley's teacher just gave me her mid-year evaluation.  The only thing she needs to improve on is 'cutting with scissors.'  Umm- I'll leave that one for the preschool teachers to work on!   Ha.

Todd's been busy with work and helping me run the kids around.  I keep busy with volunteering and playing taxi!  :)-

A few videos and pics from the last few weeks: 

Hadley has a new friend- her name is Alexa. 

It's no secret we love football in our house.  Gotta get the ladies in on the action too. 

Two weeks ago we were supposed to get 6-8 inches of snow- we got a dusting.  Last week it was close to 80 degrees and the girls swam in the hot tub (that we heated).  

Both Jack and Riley love basketball- it's so fun watching them both do something different.  Both kids seem to do well (then again it's only the Y) and are both loving it!  

Jack goes every Wednesday after school for a hitting and pitching lesson.  He has grown a ton in the 6-7 weeks he's been going.  He has one more session with both Aaron and Cody before try-outs.  We love Cody- he plays AAA in the Oakland Athletics organization and has really clicked with Jack.  We'll miss seeing him on Wednesday's. 

A couple weeks ago our friends hosted a Minute-to-Win it game night.  Our family won first prize (thanks to Sami).  Riley was at a friends for the night so no videos of her).  

Every day before we go to Hadley's classroom she stops by the bathroom, goes pee and washes her hands.  It's a ritual and she's such a big girl!

 Some more recent pics....

Until next time....

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