Monday, January 9, 2017

Part Two

So we are back in the swing of things around here.

We thought, for a couple of days, that we would have a decent snowstorm this past weekend but it was no more than a 1/2 inch or so and some ice.   Just enough ice, and cold enough temps, to delay school today and tomorrow.  Wouldn't be too bad but Jack doesn't go until 10 and three short hours later I have to pick up Hadley.  

The one nice thing about the city shutting down in anticipation of a southern style snow storm is we had a free weekend.  We may not have another one of those until spring break.  We had an impromptu dinner party at our friends house Friday night and then hung out all day Saturday.  Kinda nice to be home on a weekend without multiple games/practices. 

So to finish up our trip south over the holidays...

We spent the 2nd full day visiting Julie's barn with half the family.  She has a gorgeous horse named Graphite and Hadley was itching to meet her.  We spent some time walking around the barn, petting the horses and watching Julie's trainer work with the horses.  

Everyone loving on Graphite. 

Haddie got to feed the horse a carrot.  

Easy there Jack. 

Later that day we headed over to Bill and Julie's club for a polo match.  That was a first for our family.  Not sure we'll ever do that again but it was fun. 

We went to the BEST BUFFET EVER for dinner that night at the club.  Grilled lobsters, prime rib, salads, oysters, shrimp, etc... so yummy.  

And the finale of our trip was a deep sea fishing trip on New Year's Eve.  We were supposed to go out the day before but thankfully we didn't because it was super chilly and windy.  

These pics say it all.  No need for words. 

We had a blast!  

Until next time....

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