Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9th

Seriously could not think of a blog title… September 9th it is.

Typing that date made me pause for a minute - in 13 days we will have a teenager.  Man.. getting old sucks. 

Jack's football team is 2-1.  They won easily again last week.  That's awesome in many respects but Jack would rather it be close so he can play more.   The scout team comes in more when there's a big lead - which means Jack doesn't play as much.  I tried explaining to him that he should be thankful he's not on the scout team and just 

Little Miss Hadley braving the heat and watching the iPad during Jack's game. 

Last weekend I ran out to the grocery store while Todd was home with the kids.  Riley likes to iMessage me a lot when she's home without me… great way to communicate with me unless I get texts like this: 

Yeah- "can u kill Jack" isn't the nicest text to receive from your daughter.  

And this little cutie started preschool this week.  She is in Mrs. Cassel's Three Year Old class and goes four mornings a week.  She loves it already and her sweet friend Ruby is in her class so they spend a lot of time together.  

Look at my big girl walking into school all by herself…. she even stuffs her Lovie into her book bag and doesn't get it out until I pick her up.  Sweet girl.    

I really love watching Hadley grow up… she is funny, spunky, fierce, independent, and full of energy.  I often find her asleep on the floor next to our bed.  

Two soccer games and a football game this weekend!  Another busy one.  

Until next time...

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