Friday, September 16, 2016

Beastmode Plays Soccer and Has a BFF

Last year Hadley and her sweet friend Sterling were inseparable at preschool.  They even played a couple time this summer at Sterling's house.  They aren't in class together this year but they do see each other on the playground.   

This year Hadley has this sweet friend in her class named Ruby.  Although there were in class together last year, Riley spent much of her time with Sterling.

Haddie and Ruby really love playing together and Hadley talks about Ruby all the time.  Riley asks Hadley all the time, "Is Ruby your best friend?"  Of course Hadley says yes but I am sure she doesn't quite understand the term 'best friend' anyway...

So speaking of best friends.... tonight while Hadley and I were at TCBY Hadley starts telling me a story about how "everybody chased Sterling on the playground today... and I don't like when everybody chased my friend today... and they hurt her neck... and I don't want anyone to hurt MY BEST FRIEND!"   It was super cute to listen to her tell this story.  I could tell she really didn't want anyone hurting her friend.  Sweet girl.  I hope she always sticks up for her friends. 

And a few nights ago Hadley started a cute little program called Soccer Shots.  It's just once a week on Tuesday's for 45 minutes but it's all about Hadley- finally her turn.  

Here's a collection of the pics and videos Todd sent me.

And Todd's teaching her how to golf- sort of: 

So funny!  

Love our little cutie pie.

Football tomorrow and soccer Sunday!

Until next time...

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