Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Soccer and First Days of School

I am a few days behind the eight-ball… which is my normal lately on my blog.   

Riley and I had a great time in Asheville with our soccer friends this past weekend.  The girls played three game- didn't win a single one- but we sure had fun!   

Love these cuties.  They've been together for a few years now… always lots of fun. 

And Hadley had her 2nd ever dentist appt this week… she rocked it out.  No tears. No mommy… just Haddie and Ms. Cheryl polishing and cleaning those teeth.  

While I was away Ms. Donna came and babysat Hadley while Todd took Jack to his football game.   She always brings the most fun arts and crafts and games and Hadley adores her.  

And of course the big kids started school on Monday.  Riley loves her teacher, Mr. Becht.  He's 'funny, nice, smart, organized, good at math…."  We are pleased.  

Jack likes all of his teachers and will rock 7th grade.  This kid is super busy but he makes it work.  

I've been juggling being a momma and an almost full-time volunteer this week (thanks to Paa Paa and the YMCA this AM).   Union Day School is officially open for business and the kids are getting settled.  We have a few logistical nightmares that we're almost through and after that we should be smooth sailing.  

Labor Day Weekend is ahead… looking forward to Jack's game on Saturday and a pool party with our good friends on Sunday.   And then maybe, just maybe, we'll sit back and relax on Monday.

Until next time...

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