Monday, August 15, 2016

Going Viral

This girl almost went viral last week… yes this little sweetie that is passed out on the playroom couch in the picture below. 

Just kidding about the viral part but I did post a video of her throwing a teeny tiny little tantrum and it got lots of comments….

I love the fact that she lifts her head up just a tad and seems a tiny bit interested in my comments about a trophy and then proceeds to flip out screaming "I want to win my sister!!"

Poor girl- always trying to keep up with everyone in our house.   Just tonight the girls and I were eating popcorn after baths/showers and she happened to finish hers before Riley and I did.  She looked at Riley and said "I WON!"  yes- she was racing while eating popcorn.  We've told her over and over that we don't race while we eat but she doesn't care.  Everything is a competition.  Everything.  

Here's the comments- I will love looking back at these over the years to come.  

She is sweet a good portion of the time… playing nicely with her sister. 

Meanwhile Jack and I had a lunch date today.. love my sweet time with him.  He's so wrapped up in sports and his friends that I don't get to spend much one on one time with him… We went to his favorite sushi place and he chowed down.  

Here's his video of him perfecting the 'flip cup.'

Until next time….

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