Sunday, August 7, 2016

Birthday Parties

 This weekend one of our close family friends hosted a Sweet 16th Birthday Party for their daughter, Reilee.  She is like a sister to our kids so we were thrilled to help her celebrate. 

And Hadley went to her first ever birthday party today for her sweet friend Sterling.   She had a super fun time and Riley joined in on the fun.

Summer is quickly closing in on us.  Riley and I need to do a little clothes shopping, Jack is eagerly waiting for his custom made sneakers to arrive and Hadley is anxious to go back to preschool (mom is excited for her to go to school again too!)  

Jack has spent his spare time this summer in the pool, on his iPad binge watching Prison Break on Netflix or throwing his favorite tennis ball against the garage wall-trying to perfect a 12/6 curveball… whatever that means.  

Hadley insisted on getting ready for soccer the other day just like her sister…. she was devastated when Riley's carpool came to pick her up and she wasn't allowed to join them.  I signed her up for soccer shots this fall- Tuesday nights for 45 minutes.  She's so excited!! 

Silly fun at Reilee's Sweet 16. 

Hadley and Sterling. 

And Jack teaching Hadley how to make scrambled eggs…. cutest thing ever. 

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