Thursday, June 9, 2016

This Girl

This girl had her very first drop off play date this week.

Her preschool teacher, Mrs. Heins, babysits a little girl who was in Haddie's class all summer.

So before the big kids get out of school today I dropped Hadley off at Sterling's for a few hours.  If the silliness in the pictures Mrs. Heins texted me are any indication of how much fun they had - they must have had a great time.  

This one is my have… they are so happy!

She was passed out cold a few hours later in the car!  

After a quick nap she promptly hopped into the pool with her sister.

She also got a summer hair cut this week…. her hair was pretty long and I was so sick and tired of fighting with her to brush it.   Now it's super cute and short and easy to brush!  WIN WIN!

Love this sweet girl.

Until next time...

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