Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cooperstown 2016 Part One

It's hard to describe Cooperstown Dreams Park.  I like to think  of it as a Field of Dreams for 12 year olds… and their parents.   
It's magical, impeccable, beautiful, exciting, memorable, fun all wrapped in one giant baseball package.  
Driving in I had idea what to expect but I was instantly in awe of it's beauty.  It's grand - 22 baseball fields and one "major" stadium- used only for opening and closing ceremonies and the championship game  

Jack stayed in the barracks with his team and five coaches (Dad's).  You can see them in the background below.  There are 104 teams from across the country and each of them has their own barracks.   
The players eat in the dining hall, shower in communal showers, trade team pins, play massive amounts whiffle ball in the open fields, and of course play lots of baseball.  

Each team walks in during opening ceremonies and then compete in friendly competitions on Day One (Saturday).   Sunday starts pool play where each team plays 6 games over three days.  

Once you finish pool play each team is seeded based on their record and runs allowed.  Jack's team was seeded 66th and earned a first round bye going into single elimination on Wednesday.  

Unfortunately Jack's team lost their first game in single elimination but they sure did have fun.  

See the size difference?  Seriously- some of these boys were grown men.  Triple Jack's weight at least and massive!

Memories to last a life time for sure. 

More to come!

Until next time….

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