Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cooperstown Part Two

Here are some more pics from our trip last week…
So much fun watching Jack pitch.. he's not a rock star starting pitcher by any means but he can come in and get outs if needed.  

We truly had a wonderful time - wish we could do it again - but it's a once in a lifetime chance.  Only 12U baseball players get to go.  

So glad Poppy got to join us.  We traveled well together and had a nice time.  Special memories for Jack and his Grandpa.  

Those are the barracks in the background below.  104 of them - one for each team.  

The parents met the team for their final game and cheered them on as they walked from the barracks to the fields.  

Love this kid more than he'll ever know.  

So long Cooperstown.

Back on the home front Gammy and Paa Paa held down the fort… Haddie was up in the middle of the night twice but other than that I think they survived.  They sure did look pretty for family night in this pic. 

Until next time...

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