Sunday, June 26, 2016


We are officially in summer mode in the Milligan household.  
Lots of swimming, late nights with friends, movie watching, hanging out and all the other fun stuff that goes into summer.  

Since we've been back from Cooperstown quite a bit has been going on.  For starters: 

Riley's birthday party.
Riley went to a basketball camp. 
Jack's intense training for football.
Jack went to a national wide receiver camp.
Haddie is legit swimming on her own (when we're in the pool with her). 
And wait for it….

Yep- at three years and two and 1/2 months old she finally decided yesterday afternoon to start using the toilet.  I am shocked…  What three year old can swim before they use the toilet?  I guess ours. 

So we've been encouraging her TONS to use the toilet but I know good and well forcing my sweet Hadley to do anything will backfire.  I knew in my heart she'd come around and take care of business on her own.  

Well- she did.  We came home from Target yesterday AM and she just went to the bathroom"all by herself."  No help- no nothing.  She just hopped on the toilet and took care of things.  And then last night we were over at some friends house and she went 4-5 times on her own.  Love it!

The best is this AM - about 6:40 (and she went to bed at 10:30 last night) we heard her get up, walk downstairs, go pee, flush and come back upstairs.  She walked in our room with a diaper in her hand.  She would NOT put underwear on but she did wake up with a dry pull-up.  

She did put undies on and is currently with Todd and Riley at the bagel store - sans diaper.  I hope she makes it.  I think she will…. BIG GIRL!!


So in three days we will have another child in double digits!  Yikes.  Can't believe it.  She has gotten a bedroom makeover and it looks awesome!  Once her special quilt from Gammy arrives it will be complete (with the exception of a couple more things for the walls).   

She invited 12 friends over for a pool party on Friday and they had a great time.  Nice group of young ladies and there was NO drama believe it or not.  I talked until I was blue in the face to Riley about being a good hostess to all her friends and she did a great job.  I was very proud of her.  

This Wednesday is her actual birthday and she's having her best friend spend the night Tuesday and I imagine we'll go get our toes done or something special.  Todd's cooking her salmon on her birthday and we are taking her out to a special dinner Friday night.  


Jack went to an NFA football camp Friday and Saturday and loved every minute of it.  It's a national organization that holds weekend camps around the country all summer.  He focused on the receiver portion of the camp and was in the same group as the high schoolers.  Needless to say he was definitely the littlest kid by a mile.  He held his own and when I watched the last 1 1/2 hours yesterday I was very impressed with how well he was running routes and catching the balls.  

The high school kids were cheering him on and his nickname for the weekend was Captain America.  Hopefully this camp, along with the intense workouts he's going to 3-4 times a week, will give him the confidence he needs going into tryouts in four weeks.  


Here are some pics and videos from the last week or so: 

We finally busted out the Go Pro again.  I think this camera will be used a TON this summer!  

My little swimmer. 

A couple pics from the Linner's last night on the Go Pro. 

Sweet selfie with my girl while waiting for the boys to be done with workouts.  

Birthday party fun!

Football camp- can you spot Jack?

Jack and his boys perfecting a basketball trick shot the other day: 

Until next time….

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