Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Riley Turns 10

My sweet Riley, 

Ten years.  How did that happen?
Ten years ago our family was blessed with you at 3:39 in the afternoon on a hot summer day.  You were feisty from the get go and loved fiercely.  

I mean seriously- look at that hair? 

My how you've grown this year-your tenth. 

But you'll always be my beautiful little girl - no matter how old you get. 

This year has been a busy one for you.   For starters: 

1-You've been to the beach many times. 
2- You participated in Girls on the Run for two seasons and you ran two 5K's. 
3- You played on Academy soccer and just recently made the top team for 11U this coming year for CSA Matthews. 
4- You played on your first ever basketball team.

5- You completed 3rd grade with a straight A average for the year.
6- You finished the year with an above grade level reading average. 
7- We redid your room - no longer purple with flowers, but a teal/turquoise combo that's so pretty. 

8.  We built a pool and you've had a blast in it so far the last few months.  

9.  I think the biggest growth I have seen in you this year is your connection with Hadley.  You have turned into such an amazing caretaker for her.. helping her get dressed, giving her baths, playing with her and just recently convincing her to wear underwear!  Love you two girls so much.  

10. Your Dad took you to see Matilda downtown… you had read the book and seen the movie so it was fun to see the play as well. 

I love you sweet girl.  Happy tenth birthday!  


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