Monday, June 6, 2016

From Parties to Pneumonia

So about a week ago Jack started with a cough… and it hasn't stopped. 

Poor kid just couldn't shake it.  After having 15 friends over for a swim party Friday - that lasted from 4:30 until 8:30 - which really meant 11:00 something once all of them (and their parents) were gone, Jack's body finally shut down Saturday night and he had a 101.4 fever.    

So we spent Sunday AM at the ER getting chest x-rays and it was confirmed he has pneumonia.  No fun - especially since he leaves Thursday for his Cooperstown Tournament.    So he's on an antibiotic for 10 days, two types of breathing treatments, Motrin, cough medicine, Vicks, Breathe essential oils and had two inhalers for Cooperstown.  And he got a big shot in his leg today.  

Let's hope he kicks this quickly.  

Here's a cpl pics of Jack and his friends.  Fun times for sure.  

Love this pic of the ladies.  Todd took it when they were swimming with him over the weekend.

And during Jack's party he took the ladies putt putting and to eat dinner.  

Hadley has been hiding stuff behind her back lately - this video shows one such little incident!  

So it's the last week of school.  Three more days.  Jack missed today - his first of the entire school year - he was bummed but is determined to go tmrw.  If he wakes without a fever then he can go- I'll say a little prayer for him tonight.

I'll make sure to update with a big post after Cooperstown!

Until next time...

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Mathew Triano said...

What a shame to go from enjoying a long party with fifteen friends to waking up with pneumonia. It is good to hear that they have him on medication for it and I hope he will be feeling well enough for the Cooperstown tournament. Cute pictures and videos of the girls, too. Looks like they had fun playing putt putt golf.

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