Monday, May 30, 2016

A Week Already?

Has it been a week (or 8 days) already since I blogged last?  I swear the weeks go by so fast… faster and faster as the months go by.  

This past week was so full.  You'd think things were slowing down but no- that wouldn't be the way we do things.

So in the last week….

Hadley finished preschool… her second year is in the books.  Her teacher made a super cute book with memories from each month.  I almost cried reading it.  Riley had the same teacher when she was two so we've known Ms. Heins for a long time.  

She also finished swim lessons.  I loved watching her learn to swim.  She doesn't swim as great in our pool as she does at swim lessons but she often wears her floatie at home so I don't have to be in the water with her.  

Riley took the EOG's (end of grade testing) for the first time.  She was a bit stressed out and I kept reminding her that these tests don't define her as a person so just do her best.  We should know by the end of school how she did.  

Riley had a bunch of her soccer friends over on Friday.  Five girls and some of their siblings swam for a couple hours after school while the mommas hung out and drank wine!  Works for me…  as soon as they left Riley went across the street to her friend Addy's and had a last minute sleep over.  

Jack started athletic training at a facility called D1 in Matthews with his friend Tommy.  They work out fairly hard for 1 hour and 15 minutes.  He's been three times and loves it.  They focus on speed, agility and strength training.  We're planning on getting him over there three times a week at least through the summer. 

Last Wednesday we had to take Jack to get an x-ray of his hand.  He crushed it last weekend playing baseball and it's been bothering him.  Luckily it isn't broken but it's still bothering him a bit.   

This Memorial Day weekend was packed with a lot of fun.   We had an all day/night party Saturday and then Sunday we went shopping at Ikea for Riley's new bedroom.  Jack ended up with friends Sunday and stayed the night out and today we spent the entire day by the pool and in the pool with friends…  Hadley passed out in the rocking chair while we were reading.  Sweet girl.  

Another full week ahead.  Jack's supposed to have an end of the year pool party Friday but the weather isn't looking too good… I hope that forecast changes!  

Some pics from the week… I need to use my real camera more out back - picture quality much much better.  

Until next time...

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