Sunday, May 22, 2016

Three More Days

I can't believe Hadley's 2nd year of preschool it just about over… only three more school days this coming week for her.  Dang- that was fast! 

She loves her teachers, Ms. Heins, so much.  She will miss her dearly this summer.  Ms. Heins babysits all summer for a family about 1 mile from us so we hope to get the girls together this summer. 

Here she is eating a graham cracker with cream cheese and veggies on it… shocking!  She would never eat that at home.  

A local private school donated tons and tons of math materials for the charter school I am involved in and I'm storing them in our garage for the summer.  Guess who found some of those math goodies?  

She's obsessed with them and has been loving them this weekend. 

And.. Hadley is loving being a good helper in the kitchen.   She loves to help anytime we cook… it's cute until flour is EVERYWHERE!

Jack's last baseball tournament was this weekend- shortened to a one day tourney due to rain…. 

Here's Haddie- AKA- baseball little sis "HOTMESS!"

Two weeks from Thursday Jack and Todd leave for Cooperstown.  I am so excited for Jack to have this experience.  I can't wait either!

Riley had try-outs this past weekend and she made the top team at CSA Matthews.  We are very proud of her and how hard she worked during try-outs… Can't wait to see how far she comes with this coach- apparently he's well loved and the kids respond well to him. 

Here's some fun videos….

Until next time….

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