Monday, May 16, 2016

One Down

Soccer is officially over... tryouts this week for U11 but then Riley has a break for a while!

She's really enjoyed this year and loves her soccer buddies without a doubt.  They've had lots of fun together and have some fun summer plans.  

Middle school baseball is over as well... the season didn't go so great as far as wins and losses but Jack really enjoyed it.   We are already looking forward to next year.  

*Maybe next year he'll be a little taller!*

Jack with his good buddies Michael and Trace...

This is Jack's last week with On Deck Baseball.  He's been there four years and we're calling it quits.  He's learned a lot and grown leaps and bounds but it's time to put that chapter behind us.  He's going to focus on school sports and play next summer with a local team.  

A much deserved break in the hot tub last night for Jack.... four straight days of baseball games wore him out!

And he's our little princess 'telling stories....'

Until next time....

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