Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

Can't believe it's my 13th Mother's Day.  I'll never forget my first one… Todd and I took Jack to the zoo for the first time and had a nice picnic lunch.

Fast forward thirteen years later and we've had a great day - and even better weekend. 

Yesterday we had a Derby Party with 50 or so of our closest friends… Ha- no really we had eight families over and all the kids came.  The boys spent the afternoon and night in the front yard playing football and whiffle ball and the girls swam in the pool.  For hours and hours.  

Hadley's little friend Jack came about 4:30 and she hopped right in the pool with him.  She swam until 8:30 or so with only breaking for about 20 minutes.  She was in the thick of it with the big girls - at one point standing on the spa squirting everyone in the pool with a water gun.  

So much fun!  

We did have to spend some time this AM cleaning the backyard.  It was a bit of a hot mess - but well worth it. 

We spent a few hours in the pool and then Riley, Hadley and I took a nap while the boys hung out.  

We are getting take-out Mexican tonight from my favorite Mexican restaurant and will likely get back in the pool again!  

Some cute videos from the last few days.

The other night I tried video taping Jack's at bats…. he kept getting walked so no hitting but here's his stance. 

Until next time...

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