Sunday, May 1, 2016

It's Sunday

It's Sunday.  That must mean it's time to blog.  That seems to be my normal these days.... blogging on Sunday's.
I'll take it.  Once the craziness slows down a bit I plan to pick up my real camera more and take some fun pics this summer and do some real writing - not just recapping what's going on.  

So today - instead of going to watch Jack play two-three baseball games we cleaned the backyard. 
No lie - we received inches of rain last night in a just a couple of hours.  Maybe like 4-5 inches at least. 
Our pool was a hot mess this AM when we woke up and mulch, sand, dirt seeped it's way into the decking, screened in porch and a little into the pool.

So- needless to say we spent the majority of today cleaning, scrubbing, etc... I had the water tested at our local pool store and they told me it was fine.. just give it a couple days.  

Todd went and bought an electric pump this AM to syphon out some water - it was THIS CLOSE to overflowing.  We could have filtered some out through the pump but that would make more of a mess over by the mulch.  

We are meeting with our pool guy tmrw AM to get some more ideas to help w/ drainage, etc. 

Yesterday Riley and I ran a 5K to celebrate her spring season of Girls on the Run.   We had a great time and both of us are sore today. 

Jack's middle school baseball season is almost over... one more game this Wednesday and then a tournament next week.  Jack pitched a few innings this past week and did great.  I'm super proud of him.  

On the rare occasion the kids don't have stuff going on at night (won't happen again for the next 10 days or so) we swim at night.  The other night I brought dinner outside for the girls and I when Jack was at practice....

Silly girls. 

A few videos of my girls. 

Six more weeks until summer!

Until next time....

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