Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chilly Chilly

It's been cold in the mornings around here. 
Really cold.
Well- cold for the south.
But cold enough where I have to wear socks. 

The carpenters have been uninstalling a door and installing a door in our basement this week.
And they are loud.
Really loud.
Thankfully Haddie's room is not on that side of the house because I like it when she naps. 
Although today she spent 45 minutes chatting and singing to herself before falling asleep. 

Wrestling is almost over.  Thank goodness.  It's not Jack's idea of a fun sport for sure.  Oh well- he tried it!
He's been participating in baseball conditioning for the middle school twice a week and starts training next week at On Deck.  
He's trying out for middle school baseball- although likely won't make it.  42 kids trying out for 32 spots.  It's likely all 6th graders will be cut.  
And sadly- this will be his last spring playing baseball for On Deck.  This is his eighth season coming up but he's getting tired of spending entire weekends all spring at the baseball field.  Plus- staring next year you have to spend your entire summer out there as well.  
I'm not too sad about it to be honest.  I'm over driving across town multiple nights a week and paying super high prices.  
Maybe next year he'll make the middle school team! 

Riley is starting up soccer again soon… two weeks to be exact. 
Her spring season starts with a bang the first weekend in February with a tournament.  
She'll have a few weeks of basketball and soccer but will manage somehow!  I hope. 

Little Hizzy had a play date today with her friend Brennen.  They moved into a new house before Christmas so we went over to their house this AM for a couple of hours.  The kids spent the entire time upstairs and had a blast.  It was so cute to listen to them play together.  

Todd and I are going to the Panthers playoff game this weekend.  It's going to be a high of 46 and chilly but I cannot wait!!  Fun memories!

I'll leave you with a few pics and videos from this week.

Swisher's half sister moved in across the street!  So cute.  

Until next time….

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