Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Basketball, Football and then some

Riley played her third basketball game this past weekend.  Although her team is horrendous, Riley enjoys it.  She's definitely one of the better players on her team so she gets a bit frustrated at times.   But - this is all a learning experience for her.  Next year she can play somewhere a bit more competitive.  

Todd and I were lucky to get top notch seats to the Carolina Panthers playoff game this past Sunday.   We entertained one of Todd's clients and his wife.   Looks like Todd is going to the game this Sunday too!  Lucky dog!  

This kids are out of school yesterday, today and tomorrow.  This time two years ago we went to Turks and Caicos and last year we were in Aruba but this year we skipped a big trip since we're doing the pool.  

So yesterday, since my mom was here to help with Haddie, a bunch of us went to lunch and then took the kids ice skating.  They had a blast.   The boys were hurting after about an hour and half.  

Riley hugged the wall the entire time- maybe next time she'll enjoy it more.  

I found this quote on a card today at the store and bought it for Jack.  His first little girlfriend broke up with him yesterday.  He was sad for a few minutes, then angry, now today he's just annoyed he gave her so much of his time.  He felt something was off with her the last couple of weeks and almost broke up with her, but didn't want to hurt her feelings…. little did he know.  Poor kid is so sweet and kind - he needs to listen to his gut next time.

This little girl is being a pain in the you-know-what right now and all Jack wants is his sweatshirt back. If she's smart she'll give it back to him when they go back to school Thursday!  

Lots of life lessons learned for Jack.  

Today the kids and I went downtown to have lunch with Todd.  We were planning on riding the train but since the temperatures were hovering below freezing we decided to drive in to the city.
We had a a wonderful lunch and walked around the Ritz.  The Utah Jazz were about to load their buses while we were sitting there and we tried to wait for them - but they were taking forever so we left.  

A fun filled few days for sure.  Back to normal Thursday.

Until next time...

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