Friday, January 22, 2016

"Blizzard" of 2016

Twenty-two days into 20016 and we have some snow on the ground.  
Not too much but add on some sleet and ice and the kids were able to enjoy it for hours and hours on end today with friends.  

Hadley even went outside and rode on the sled a few times herself.  Big girl is growing up.  

The first few times the girls went down the little hill Riley helped her scoot her sled and held on to it closely.  She's very motherly with her at times.  Very sweet!  

She was an old pro after a few times - even carrying her own sled back up the little hill.  
Big girl is growing up. 

Frozen basketball.

A mess in the backyard. 

Jack getting some sledding in as well. 

The boys built a snow fort on the back deck. 

The girls playing with Emelia's new puppy. 

Until next time….

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