Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Pool Update and Life Lately

So here we are in 2016 already.  
School has begun, baseball conditioning yesterday, wrestling practice tonight, basketball practice tonight, swim lessons for Haddie the list goes on….

Haddie has a new teacher at swim this semester, Miss Aliska.  She's super sweet and Haddie did great with her.  I'm hoping we make great strides the next few months as we prepare for lots of swimming in our backyard soon enough.  


The last two weeks were wonderful and we were able to get lots accomplished around the house, spend quality time with friends and family, celebrate New Year's with friends, watch football and eat lots of good food.   

Although it was quite rainy most of our break the sun finally popped out the last few days.  We pulled the plastic tarp off the pool and the kids had a ball.  The boys spent a solid hour or two (with Haddie cheering them on) playing skull.   A game where they to kick the soccer ball from one end of the pool to the other without it stopping.  

Haddie bounced up and down screaming JACK JACK JACK and JP JP JP every time they kicked the ball.  It was adorable.  

The ladies, and Swisher, got in on the fun as well.  

The many faces of my Hizzy.  She had several inches of hair cut off last week- as did Riley.  It's much easier to comb her hair now.  

A video I took just this afternoon of the pool (well- the mess). 
Deck is done (except for the staining) and plumbing is complete- waiting on that to be inspected.  Thursday the guys are supposed to come deal with the dirt!  I hope!

Next week is the french doors in the basement, screened in porch under the deck, drainage for rain water and the shelving in the screened in porch for the pool.  After our pool guy returns from his mission next week he will get to work on the tiling and decking!   

And a few more pics from the beach.  Our annual cookie decorating and a few others.  

Until next time….

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