Saturday, December 5, 2015

December Already

The tree is up and our Elf has come back from the North Pole to watch over the kids. Christmas cards are ordered.  Shopping is 2/3 done.  
It's officially December in the Milligan household.

These cutie pies are ready!

Jack was thrilled to take Christmas card pictures.  Not.  

We went and saw The Good Dinosaur last weekend.  It was Hadley's first movie in a movie theater!  She was awesome.  Ate lots of popcorn and sat through the entire thing.  She was scared at times but not too much.   This is a horrendous picture but oh well!

We have a cute little Christmas tree farm near us- it's not a cut your own place but the people are really nice!  

We figured out the Elf this year- Jack hides it after the ladies are in bed.  Ri finds it first thing in the AM.   So far we haven't had to remind Jack.  I think he really enjoys hearing Riley talk about where the Elf is.  It's interesting this year because Riley is questioning if Santa is real but she is full force on the Elf.   Probably last year for her but then we have Haddie! 

And the big dig is next week.  Pending weather our pool should be dug Wed and Thur of this coming week.  They painted it out yesterday and it's a tad bigger than I was expecting.  Cannot wait!

Until next time...

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