Monday, December 14, 2015

Backyard Renovations- Excavation and Reinforcements

The pool has officially been dug!  

Last Wednesday the excavation crew dug out the entire pool with a digger and a few flat shovel type things.   I couldn't believe it.  I thought for sure they would need other equipment but they did it all.  
It was a beautiful day and we spent the majority of it outside watching them dig.  

On Thursday the steel crew came and spent the entire day placing steel reinforcements throughout the pool.  The guys were really funny and again we loved watching the process.  

This week is plumbing and the steel inspection and if we stay on target we'll have the concrete poured next Monday.  It's supposed to be the coolest part of the project so we are planning on watching for sure.  The kids are home from school since it's winter break so they'll be watching for sure.  

This past weekend was gorgeous.  We had a slew of kids here all day Saturday and Sunday playing in the rocks and on the massive dirt pile that's in our backyard.  So much fun!  

On Sunday I spent the afternoon touring a couple Vineyards with these amazing ladies!  We had a blast!  

Todd held down the fort and watched the kids and their friends.  He texted me this picture about 4:00 with a message saying that Haddie didn't nap and had been playing in the dirt all day!   Needless to say when I got home last night and put her to bed she was spent.  She slept from 7:00-6:30 without a peep!  

Until next time….

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