Sunday, December 20, 2015

And We Have a Pool

Well- not really but we have a SHELL of a pool.  

Yesterday, bright and early at 6:50 in the morning the trucks started rolling down the street.  
They were gone by 11:45 and in that short time our pool was formed.  
It was really cool to watch.  We bundled up in jackets and hats and watched all morning.  

Todd and our neighbor Tim watching intently.   We had to wear glasses just in case the lines spraying the concrete broke.

It was cold.  Like below freezing cold for a while.  

Here's our main guy- Marty.  He's been awesome to work with. 

There may or may not have been Bloody's consumed by the men.  

This is what our pool looked like on Friday after the rain on Thursday.  Our pool guy drained it all out on Friday afternoon. 

The girls and I had to leave around 9:30 to go to Riley's first basketball game so we didn't get to see them finish.  When we got home they were placing plastic over the pool since it's fairly cold this weekend.  

Riley's team lost their first basketball game but Riley played well.  She hustled and did well.  It was fun to watch.  Looking forward to seeing her growth.  

Headed to have Christmas in Columbia Tuesday then off to the beach for a few days.  Looking forward to a nice Christmas. 

Until next time….

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