Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving and a Bobcat

So Thanksgiving has come and gone…. Dinner has been cooked, eaten and cleaned up.  Dessert too.  
Not too many pictures of the food - but lots of the Bobcat.  Jack will tell you about the bobcat later in this post.  

But first- a cpl days ago Hadley was awfully quiet.  This is where I found her: 

Todd and I love to cook- but we are not good bakers.  But since we were having Thanksgiving at our house this year we decided to do some baking yesterday.  We baked a pumpkin pie and a pumpkin pecan rum pound cake.  Both are delicious.  


Hey guys, this is Jack and I am going to write a story of our rented bobcat's adventures. On Wednesday 11/25/15 the bobcat arrived at our house and of course I was the first one to touch it :). So on Thanksgiving day we finally took it out to the woods to get our boulders. My dad and Poppy were the ones who did most of the work but I guess I helped a little. Once we were at the start of the path that led to the boulders, we got stuck. We were in a ditch for probably 20 minutes but luckily we got out. We eventually got our first load of boulders for the day and we decided that that was enough. We have 3 more days with the bobcat and hopefully memories will be made.

Todd cooking the fried turkey.

Videos from today. 

Until next time….

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