Sunday, November 22, 2015

Catching Up

It's November 22nd.  Already.  Where or where has this year gone?  I can't believe it.
I'm about half way through my Christmas shopping.  Trying to keeping it light this year since we're redoing the backyard but that is never easy.    Hoping to take our Christmas card pictures this coming weekend and get those cards ordered!  Gotta check it off the list.  

Jack had his first wrestling meet Friday night.  Although he didn't win - he fought hard and did great.  He went the full three rounds and came super close to winning.

Yesterday he participated in a wrestling tournament.  He was slated to wrestle four times.  He pinned a kid, lost in three rounds to another and then hurt his back in the third match.   He did not wrestle the last match since he was struggling.  

Well - today the back is much better but he ran full force into a stump in our yard and his knee is swollen, bruised and in a lot of pain.  Todd got him a brace and he's doing to sit out of his meet tmrw night in hopes that it will heal quickly.   

Riley is in between sports right now - basketball starts after Thanksgiving.  She went to a sleepover birthday party Friday night and had a blast.   She was so tired last night that she passed out in a chair in our room while we hung out with friends.  

Haddie- well she's just trucking along.  She is starting to count and learn her letters.  I swear she amazes me at times.  Her memory is quite strong and she knows a lot more then she lets on.  She LOVES reading books.  I often find her sifting through books on her own and 'reading' out loud.  It's so cute.   She sits on the toilet all the time and wipes herself but nothing comes out.  Never.  Maybe one day she'll just start doing it!  I think we'll really start trying after Christmas.  

Some pics from this week.

Every other Friday I take the boys to Chick-fil-A before school for breakfast.  Since school doesn't start until 8:45 for them we have lots of time.  Haddie always tags along.  She adores the boys so so so much.  It's awfully cute.  They are so sweet to her and it makes my heart smile.  

First wrestling match ever.  I'd post the video but since I am awfully loud on it cheering for Jack I'll spare you.  

We made s'mores this afternoon in our make-shift fire pit.   Backyard redo starts tomorrow!! 

I forgot this picture last week.  The boys had their 6th grade dance last Friday night.  I worked it and it was really cute.  They had a great time- hanging with their special lady friends.  

Silly girls!  You can hear Haddie counting.  

Finally learned how to pedal!

Until next time...

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